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Udderly Ez Milkers

The Udderly Ez Milker is a hand held, trigger operated vacuum pump. It requires no batteries or electricty. Making it the most effective milk and colostrum collection device available on the Market today. The Udderly Ez Milker is being used by Veterinarians, Herdsmen, Flock Masters and Industry Professionals from around the world. The Udderly Ez Milker can be used for daily milking or seasonal Colostrum Collection.

The Stableizer

The Stableizer® Equine Restraint & Training System is the most humane devise in teaching an equine to learn to focus on the task at hand, by using acupressue points creating endorphin release, causing pleasure rather than pain. Everything form starting young colts, breaking bad habits in older horses and veterinary procedures can be accomplished by using The Stableizer® in a very safe and humane manner for the horse and handler.

Udderly Important News

Hello All!

Well , here in Iowa we seem to be going from winter right into summer…2 months ago we had a foot of snow and now temps in the 90’s.  That leads me into this… The bugs here have been horrible to say the least. Little gnats and mosquitos for the most part, but we have the solution. Bug Soother an all natural bug repellant that works great!! I personally use it at the golf course for the gnats and flies and love it. It doesn’t help my game however…but not much does.. LOL . It is safe for people and animals with no chemicals. It smells great too, like lemons and vanilla. Check it out in our “Farm Products” page.

As always, take care and don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions or comments. 

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EZ Animal Products milking machines for cows, sheep, goats, mares, and camels are extremely safe, clean, fast for daily milking and seasonal colostrum collection.