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An inflation to fit every need

Udderly EZ offers color-coded inflations to fit every animal

Clients can choose which size is best to fit their animal’s particular needs.

The new inflations fit both the Udderly EZ milker
and the Ultimate EZ Electric milker

Udderly EZ with large inflation

Udderly EZ with medium inflation

Small teats, no problem

Large inflations work on big-teated cows, goats, camels, horses, etc.

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“Help my baby!”

There comes a moment when a cow knows someone
is doing their best to save her calf

Giving a calf colostrum

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Want to see a mare milker in action?

When a mare gives birth, you never know when it might be necessary to milk out her colostrum and feed the newborn

Milking out a mare with the Ultimate EZ

Mare milker in action with the Udderly EZ

Fresh colostrum

Mare milker kit

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No English? No worries!

Udderly EZ products are sold all over the world. This little girl is in Norway:

If you struggle with English, not to worry. Udderly EZ has a language translator. Just look for the “Select Language” link in the upper left corner of the website. Bonjour!

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Daily snapshots

Every day, on small farms across the country, EZ Milker products are in use:

Collecting colostrum for immediate and future use

Cow solar milking in Pennsylvania using the Ultimate EZ with four bottles

Using two Udderly EZ hand pumps at once

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Modified extension for extractor tubes now available for Ultimate EZ Electric Milker

Modified extractor tube for Ultimate EZ Milker

Buck Wheeler notes, “I have always listened to what our clients have offered in the way of suggestions and this is one of them.

Modified extractor tube for Ultimate EZ Milker

“After a while of using the silicone tubing on the extractor tube as they were, the ends get loose and I have had them just trim off 1/2 or 3/4 inch off the tubing. But if they do that too many times, the air hoses start getting too short. We found just the solution and they are available now for $11.95. From now on, we’re sending out all the Ultimate EZs with them included.”

Extraction tube set
Extraction tube close-up
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Saving baby goats

This just came in from a client that I’ve been working with. We used our New Large Silicone inflation in the Udderly EZ on this goat to get the job done properly. — Buck

Kelly’s story:

I was given this goat because her udder is deformed and all the kids she gave birth to died shortly after birth because they couldn’t nurse.

Deformed goat teat

It takes them about 3 days to figure out how to nurse with me helping them every few hours, even during the night. I haven’t lost a kid yet doing this but it was really hard to milk her by hand. I almost gave up but then remembered seeing an ad for the Udderly Ez hand milker and called Mr. Wheeler to see if he thought it would work on my goat. I sent him a picture of her udder and he said we could try it. So I bought the kit and it worked great without the silicone insert.

When he remade the silicone insert with a much bigger hole, he sent me one to try. It works great and I get more milk from each teat than I did without the silicone insert!

All milked out!

Thank you,

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New brand of teat wipes!

As of January 1st of this year, WipeOut Teat prep wipes have been discontinued, which has forced us to look for a viable alternative for teat prep to offer our customers.

We have happily adopted Milk Check wipes as our new brand of choice. Milk Check wipes are a Cleansing wipe for pre-milking teat preparation. Milk Check wipes work well for cows, goats, sheep or any other type of animal that you collect milk or colostrum from.

Milk Check teat wipes come in three handy options:

  • 700 count pail
  • 700 count refill package
  • 150 count re-sealable package

Visit our website for further information:


Or call us at 1-800-287-4791

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Satisfaction in Amish Country

An Amish owner of the Ultimate EZ Electric Milker in Ronks, Pennsylvania is putting together the EZ Solar Unit. Meanwhile he’s very satisfied:

Good Morning Buck,

The milker works fine now, since I keep it inside.

I gotta tell you, this thing is so handy. I just think anybody that milks on a small scale should have one of these. It’s a no brainer.

Thanks for the great invention!

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Shipments of Ultimate EZ and Udderly EZ Milkers Arrive in the UAE

Here is our Middle East Distributor, Ahmed Saeed Alwahshi of Sari General Trading, receiving another shipment of Ultimate EZ and Udderly EZ Milkers at the Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE, today.

Sari General Trading is representing EZ Animal Products in the Gulf countries of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, & Qatar. He has been receiving shipments on a bi-weekly basis from our headquarters in the USA.  Ahmed is doing an excellent job of promotion and getting out the word about our milking products and their importance to the general population throughout the Gulf Countries.

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