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“I bought a sheep milking machine!”

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EZ Milker retrieves colostrum or treats mastitis

The following article will come out in August for the American Cattlemen’s conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can read the article by clicking here.

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International expansion!

EZ Animal Products is pleased to announce its latest international expansion into the Gulf Region of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

(Container shipment arriving in Riyadh)

This has been an exciting development. In January 2020, Buck Wheeler – founder of EZ Animals Products – contacted the U.S. Commercial Service in Lexington, Kentucky for assistance and information in several potential international markets.

(Milking goats in the UAE)

Wheeler has been working with this organization to develop markets in Nepal and Kazakhstan. In this area, mares’ milk is common, and one outfit is milking up to 3,000 mares. (Among much else, the liquor kumis is made from mare’s milk.)

When the opportunity to expand into Saudi Arabia opened up, Wheeler turned to the U.S. Commercial Service for guidance.

U.S. Commercial Service was able to provide information about agents and distributors in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Much time was spent negotiating, reviewing, signing, and notarizing the necessary contracts and paperwork between clients, the U.S. State Department, and embassies in the respective countries.

(Using two Udderly EZ hand milkers on a camel)

The outcome is a series of distributorships in the Gulf Region for EZ Animal Products. Udderly EZ Hand Milkers are being used on cows, goats, sheep, horses, and camels. As a result of this international deal, jobs are being created on both sides of the planet in manufacturing, exporting, importing, and sales.

(Udderly EZ hand milkers in UAE)

EZ Animal Products are proudly made in the USA, and every product comes with a “Made in the USA” label.

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In American Dairyman!

Word is getting out about Udderly EZ hand-milking products!

In the June 2020 issue of American Dairymen, Buck Wheeler (founder of EZ Animal Products) explains how he got started manufacturing the EZ line of hand-milkers. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this was literally true in Wheeler’s case.

It all started from a desperate moment in which he was trying to get colostrum into a newborn foal. The difficulties in milking a mare convinced him there had to be a better way. Thus the Udderly EZ Hand Milker was born.

(Milking a mare)

From there, demand – and product improvements – snowballed until today, EZ Animal Products offers an extensive line of inventions to handle any circumstance: On or off-grid, people with physical limitations, massive herd sizes, big animals or tiny ones, commercial enterprises or small homesteads, sick or injured animals, different species … you name it and Wheeler has a solution for it.

(Milking a camel)

The takeaway lesson is how EZ hand-milkers aren’t just for goats. Or horses. Or cows. They’re also for yaks, camels, reindeer, buffalo, and any other domestic animal that gives milk. Additionally, the EZ hand-milkers cross every culture and every nationality.

(Milking a water buffalo)

And this is why word about the EZ Animal Products is spreading fast. And, as always, EZ Animal Products are proudly made in the USA, and every product comes with a “Made in the USA” label.

Here’s a testimonial from a happy customer.

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Did you know that EZ Animal has more than just Milkers!!??

Did you know that EZ Animal has a Butter Churn & Hand Crank Cream Separator Products?

The Udderly EZ Butter Churn
Homeowner’s 2-Gallon Butter Churn!

Food Grade plastic bucket with snap-on lid. Stainless steel paddle. Powered by your drill. 2 gallon capacity. Can be disassembled completely for washing.

Very easy to use. Comes with complete instructions for making your own butter.

Price: $59.85

The Udderly EZ Hand Crank Cream Separator!

This simple, efficient and well-balanced Manual Cream Separator will hold 8 liters (8 quarts) which makes it ideal for domestic or small farm use. The milk tank, separation bowl and disks are made out of stainless steel. The milk and cream spouts are made out of a food-grade poly. The Separator will process 60 liters (15 gallons) per hour at a bowl speed of 8400 rpm which is achieved at the optimal hand-crank speed of 55 turns per minute. The unit is 13″ by 11″ by 19″ high. It is packed complete with parts list and spare O-rings, float and neck springs.  Wt. 26 lbs.

NOTE: The butterfat percentage of milk can affect how cream separators work, test batches may be necessary to find the correct settings and techniques.

Price: $695.00

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Dealing with Neonatal Isoerythrolysis in Mule Foals

This article was published in the April, 2020 Plain Communities Business Exchange!

2004April PCBE (1) (1)

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Read about us in Plain Communities!

EZ Animal Products are uniquely suited to the Plain communities — the Amish, the Mennonites, and anyone who lives off-grid or in a remote location.

So, appropriately, the publication Plain Communities — one of the two largest Amish papers — eagerly printed the story of Buck Wheeler (owner of EZ Animal Products) written by Leroy Martin.

Look for Buck’s story in the September issue. What a wonderful introduction to the man behind the company!

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Unexpected compliment

On the Rural Revolution blog, the author posted a product review for the EZ Milker almost five years ago. Unexpectedly in the last couple days, a comment came in from that post as follows:

I have used nothing except the Udderly EZ Milker on my Dexters for 3 years. I would never use anything else. It’s the absolute best. I have a calf due any day and can’t wait to milk momma — she’s enormous.

This comment was forwarded to Buck Wheeler, the owner of EZ Animal Products, who responded as follows:

“Thank you for the kind words. I just finished doing a clinic for the Amish in Ohio and Indiana this past week.

We just introduced our new Ultimate Bucket Milker and it was a hit! We also used the EZ Power Pak with a 20 volt DeWalt Battery to power it with. It milks all four teats at once, and holds 3.2 gallons. The Dexter cow had small teats and the owner that supplied the cow for the demo purchased one on the spot after seeing her milked twice with it.

People are satisfied all the way around with EZ Animal Products.

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The new Ultimate EZ Bucket Milker

For folks needing a larger capacity milker for their animals, EZ Animal Products now has the Ultimate EZ Bucket Milker which holds 3.2 gallons (12 liters) of milk and will milk all four teats on a cow (or two separate goats or sheep at once).

The Bucket Milker is powered by the EZ Power Pak, utilizing 18- or 20-volt cordless drill batteries.

To see the Ultimate Bucket goat milker in use, watch the video below:

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10 new Ultimate EZ Buckets for the Ultimate EZ Milker

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