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When life just gets too busy…

For busy people, the Ultimate EZ Milker is a time-saver extraordinaire.

Melinda Joy Weer is a freelance copy editor, homeschool teacher, retired GIS analyst, programmer, cartographer, and structural geologist. She also raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, so she needs the easiest, most efficient means of milking her caprines.

Melinda notes on her blog: “I walked around my house and barn and took pictures of all the supplies that I use for my herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Taking pictures was the easiest way for me to catalog all the items I use. … I’ve been raising goats since 2004, so I have accumulated a lot of things. But, that also means I’ve gotten a good idea of which things are actually needed.”

And one of those items is the Ultimate EZ Milker. Melinda has been a fan of EZ milkers for years. She bought her first one “when Buck Wheeler was still in the development stage and had just come up with the small inflations for the Nigerians. It still works great after all these years (since 2007), though it is probably due for new gaskets as it doesn’t hold the vacuum as well as it did when it was new.”

So Melinda upgraded. “Ta-da! Here is my brand new Ultimate EZ Milker. I am so excited. I will have six does on milk test this year (instead of just milking one doe for our family), so I splurged.”

Showing the versatility of the milkers, Melinda adds: “I also bought some small bottles and lambar nipples. … The idea here is that I will collect the milk directly into the small bottles, which will fit better under the smaller Nigerians, and then pop a lambar nipple into the top of the collection bottle. I can feed the kids out of the same bottles that I use to collect milk!”

Melinda’s enthusiasm illustrates how useful the EZ Milkers are for small livestock holders everywhere.

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Taking the “ick” out of milking

Jennifer with the blog Homesteading on Grace swears by the EZ Milker to get her through milking her goats.

“I rub a little bit of olive oil on her teats, then I can hook her up to the EZ milker,” says Jennifer, referring to her goat Sissy. “I love this thing. Without it, I would not be able to drink raw milk. One day, my son decided he wanted to hand-milk the goats. Y’all, it was so gross! We could see all the stuff floating in the milk; hair, dirt, flecks of stuff. I poured it all out to the chickens (who don’t care about gross things). Granted, with practice we may be able to hand milk cleanly, but for now, we cannot. With the milker, I don’t have to strain the milk through cheesecloth. The milk never comes close to any gross particles. It goes straight into the milk bottle, and when that’s full I pour it into the half-gallon mason jars. From there, I put it in the freezer we have out there while I finish the rest of the chores. I am so glad and relieved not to have to worry about those floaters.”

Just another side benefit of warm farm-fresh milk using the EZ Milker.

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Don’t ditch those rural dreams!

So many people dream of living in the country: having a few acres with a nice little vegetable garden and maybe a cow or goat (or three) for milk. There’s nothing like the thought of fresh milk and even homemade cheese, butter, or yogurt for the ultimate in healthy eating.

But what happens if you’re older, or if you suffer from a debilitating condition (carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphasemia, etc.) that precludes you from milking? Does this mean you have to scrap the whole idea of dairy animals?

If painful milking is the only thing holding you back from achieving your rural dream, that’s where the EZ milking products come into play. There’s nothing wrong with incorporating whatever modern technology can help you on your journey. EZ products come in many shape and sizes and can fit whatever rural lifestyle you’re trying to achieve, including off-grid.

The most basic product is the Udderly EZ, which is a hand-held, trigger-operated vacuum pump capable of handling one teat at a time. This excellent milker is the most popular of the EZ lines and is superb for people with one or two animals to milk.

Udderly EZ with large inflation

A step up from the Udderly EZ is the Ultimate EZ, which combines the ease and simplicity of the hand milker with the speed of the compressor. It can handle two or four teats at a time. Even better, the compressor is just as easy to use as the hand pump, which means users often feel comfortable leaving home and allowing friends or neighbors to milk their animals for them. The Ultimate EZ is the solution used by many small dairyists with several cows or goats to milk once or twice a day.

The newest version of the Ultimate EZ is the EZ Solar Solution. Use the power of the sun to milk your animals! It’s the ultimate off-grid choice.

Explore the wonderful world of EZ Animal Products to help you realize your rural dream.

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Merry Christmas from Udderly EZ

Consider the gift of easy milking for the special someone in your life.

We here at Udderly EZ wish everyone a joyous and blessed Christmas!

Buck and Karen Wheeler

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Valley Vet Supply – a wonderful working relationship

A wide variety of enthusiastic businesses, from large to small, are pleased to carry Udderly EZ products.

Among them is Valley Vet Supply, a premier online retailer for over 30 years. This company helps livestock producers be more profitable, enables equine enthusiasts to pursue their passion, and aids pet owners in maximizing the enjoyment of their pets. Headquartered in Marysville, Kansas, Valley Vet Supply is owned and operated by the same veterinarians that founded the company in 1985.

Valley Vet’s mission is to be “the authoritative source of quality products and product information, anticipating the needs of our customers, and providing solutions with friendly, expedient customer service. From product selection to ensuring that each box is packed with care, our veterinarians and staff are there to personally ensure customer satisfaction.”

Customers might be interested to know Valley Vet Supply is licensed in all 50 states as a retail pharmacy. They are Vet-VIPPS accredited (now “”) by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. “The scope of our business includes prescription products, farm and ranch equipment and supplies, tack and supplies, apparel, show supplies, and much more,” noted spokeswoman Melanie Buhrman. “We employ approximately 150 people to ensure that all orders are processed efficiently and accurately.”

Valley Vet has carried the Udderly EZ line of products since 2006. Why? “Udderly EZ Milkers are a unique milking system,” said Buhrman. “They provide a fast, efficient, and effective method for milking one or more animals. We are always looking for products that make daily chores easier and more efficient. Udderly EZ Milkers do just that.”

Why do Valley Vet’s customers like the Udderly EZ? “Because of the ease of use the milkers provide,” said Buhrman. “Once the milker is in place, it takes just a couple of squeezes of the trigger to encourage a steady stream of milk directly into the attached bottle. Udderly EZ milkers prevent the common problems associated with milking by hand: impatient animals, kicked-over milk buckers, and sore hands in a time-consuming process.”

Udderly EZ cow milking kit

Udderly EZ is proud to be carried by Valley Vet Supply.

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Think of it as an emergency backup

One of the advantages of an Udderly EZ kit is its potential as an emergency backup.

Patricia has a much-loved elderly Jersey cow named Matilda which faithfully calves each year. However right before calving, Matilda’s udder swells to massive and pendulous proportions. Patricia never gave it much thought – the calf was always able to nurse – until one year when the cow’s udder hung too low.

“Suddenly the baby – named Amy – couldn’t even find the faucet, much less nurse off it,” said Patricia. “The udder hung down so low, it was just a couple inches from the ground. The baby didn’t even see the teats.”

Hours went by without pretty little Amy getting the critical drink of colostrum she needed.

“It was time to intervene,” said Patricia. Armed with an Udderly EZ, she waited until Matilda was lying down chewing her cud. Fitting the silicone inflation over one teat, Patricia squeezed the trigger once or twice and watched the life-nurturing colostrum flow (sideways!) into the collection bottle.

The cow was calm enough that Patricia was able to collect a pint and a half of colostrum from this lying-down position. Then she fitted the nipple over the smallest collection bottle and tried to get Amy to drink.

“She wouldn’t take the bottle,” worried Patricia. “I was afraid the calf was getting weak. Every half hour or so, I’d take the bottle of colostrum and try to get Amy to drink … nothing doing. She refused all attempts to get the teat into her mouth.”

Until suddenly, it happened.

Patricia said it was a magical moment when the calf finally understood what she was trying to do. “You could almost see the wonder in her eyes as Amy started mouthing the nipple, then sucking, then greedily drinking the colostrum so fast that the little eight-ounce bottle drained in a couple of minutes,” she recalled.

Patricia didn’t realize her husband was watching through a slat in the barn. He immediately went into the house, poured the bowl of colostrum into a pitcher, and came out to refill the bottle … and refill, and refill, and refill …

“The baby drank all the colostrum I had milked out of the cow so far, maybe a pint and a half,” said Patricia. “After that, I milked Matilda as dry as possible twice a day, and froze any excess colostrum just in case we needed it for the future.”

Patricia and her daughter took turns feeding Amy for the next couple of weeks. After one or two rough starts, the calf learned who provided the milk and greedily drank from the bottle.

“That Udderly EZ kit was a life-saver,” insisted Patricia. “We might well have lost the calf without it.”

Patricia used the Udderly EZ until Matilda’s udder resumed more normal proportions and Amy was able to nurse directly.

“Matilda has had two calves since then,” said Patricia, “and I’ve had to intervene each time. I milk out the colostrum and bottle-feed the calf for a couple of weeks. I love this cow to pieces and she adores having calves, so it’s a small price to pay for the beautiful babies she produces.”

Even though she generally milks her cows by hand, Patricia is committed to always having the Udderly EZ around. “It’s the nature of emergencies to be unexpected,” she notes. “The first time this cow’s udder was too low for the calf to nurse, I didn’t expect it. If I hadn’t had the Udderly EZ on hand, the outcome would have been much different.”

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Easy-peasy assembly for the Udderly EZ

When you get your Udderly EZ in the mail, the first thing you need to do is assemble it. Nothing could be easier (make that “EZ-er”).

The kit comes pre-packaged with everything you need.

There are both written and video instructions in each box.

The box also includes wipes for cleaning the udder – always necessary before milking.

This particular kit was packed with three sizes of silicone inflations (the colored pieces) which fit inside a collection tube (which snaps onto the connector clip). The inflations are the portion which fits over the animal’s teat, and is available in different sizes to suit large and small animals.

It also comes with three different sized collection bottles and a rubber nipple, for all your milking (and feeding) needs. Each bottle has a rubber O-ring around the neck; this ring is necessary for proper usage.

Of course the two most critical components are the pump (left) and the connector clip (right).

Assembling the unit is easy.

The connector clip snaps easily into the pump unit.

The collection bottle should be fitted to the collection tube before the collection tube goes on the connector clip.

After this, the collection tube is snapped onto the connector clip.

That’s it! The Udderly EZ is now ready to use on your lactating animal.

Happy milking!

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The brains behind the brawn

Have you ever wondered about the man behind the scenes? Just who is this Buck Wheeler, anyway?

Buck is an innovator, a horseman, businessman, and inventor. He is a man who can recognize a problem, formulate a plan, then execute and patent that idea into reality.

Buck is president and CEO of Wheeler Enterprises, Inc., EZ Animal Products, and Oak Tree Farms. Along with his wife Karen, he has invented and patented the Stableizer® , Udderly EZ Milker, the Ultimate EZ Milker, the EZ Solar Solution, and the Buck-A-Long. The Stableizer Equine Restraint and Training System® has been used on two Kentucky Derby winners; and his other inventions, the Udderly EZ Milker™ and Ultimate Ez Milker, are already being used in leading veterinary teaching hospitals, breeding farms, hobby farms, leading trainers, and private facilities around the world.

His story and products have been highlighted in many equine magazines, including: Equus, Draft Horse Journal, Western Mule Magazine, Thoroughbred Times, Blood Horse, Quarter Horse Journal, sheep, goat and cow magazines, Hobby Farms, and many more.

Buck has conducted clinics at all the major equine events around the country, in Canada and Europe. He has instructed all nine units of the U.S. Army and Cavalry that have horses and mules, BLM mustangs, Caisson Platoon at Arlington National Cemetery, mounted police units, trainer to Her Majesty the Queen, and Sheik Mohammed while in England, the Ireland ISPCA, and a leading veterinary surgical hospital in Brussels, Belgium.

He just finished conducting two daily clinics in July for the Amish Horse Progress Days in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with over 20,000 in attendance, and he has been asked to return for the next two years because of the level of horsemanship he teaches their young people and elders alike.

Buck with reindeer

Buck continuously improves his products. EZ Animal Products are now manufacturing all their own silicone inflations for the milkers, and now have in-house control of manufacturing the Udderly EZ Milkers.

“We continually listen to our clients as to any improvements that will make our inventions more user-friendly and operationally efficient,” he says. “Over the years we have completely rebuilt our hand pump and now give our overseas clients a chance to use the Ultimate EZ Electric Milkers by building them in 230V to accommodate their electrical grid.”

After working with horses for more than 65 years, Buck was determined to find a better way to start and manage unruly horses. What he sought was a safer, more effective and easier-to-use method that could be used by a single handler, which would still allow the trainer to work the horse and make it focus at the same time.

Buck using a long baby colt lead

Buck was raised on a large cattle and farming ranch in Solen, North Dakota on the Sioux Indian Reservation. He is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and, with the exception of six years as a U.S. Army Paratrooper, horses have been his calling and way of life. He is proud to apply “Made in USA” to all of his products.

As taught in his clinics, “When a horse has been desensitized properly with different stimuli, such as clipping, sacking out, first time bath, noise factors, saddling, loading, harnessing, hot walker, driving, etc., they seem to remember it as a pleasurable experience instead of a bad cellular memory because of the euphoria induced from the endorphin release at time of application.”

He adds, “Everything you do with a horse is mind control. A horse’s nature is flight, and if he can’t flee he gets upset. The Stableizer® teaches it to focus on the task at hand and learn to relax.”

So there you have it, folks. The products sold are born of experience and the recognition of a need … and Buck is just the man to fill that need.

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More fun photos

Here’s a couple more fun photos from the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Prominently featured at World Dairy Expo

The World Dairy Expo was held last weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.

Serving as a “forum for dairy producers, companies, organizations and other dairy enthusiasts to come together to compete, and to exchange ideas, knowledge, technology, and commerce,” the Udderly EZ products were prominently featured by several distributors.

Besides the commercial exhibits, the Expo held seminars on such topics as robotic milking systems, A2 milk, transition cow health, mycotoxin in feedstuffs, consumer perceptions, cover crops, and future farm labor.

Eight dairies held virtual farm tours featuring technology and innovation, outstanding milk production and genetics, strong community ties and first-generation immigrant farmers, top-notch cow and calf care and an expanding dairy. There were National 4-H, National Intercollegiate, and International Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle judging contests, as well as international breed shows for Jersey, Milking Shorthorn, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey, Red & White, and Holstein breeds.

But amidst all the considerations for commercial dairies, the small farmer and homesteader wasn’t forgotten … and that’s where the Udderly EZ and Ultimate EZ came into their own. Two distributors included Coburn Dairy Equipment and IVS Veterinary Supplies.

Expos such as these are a prime opportunity for the dairy world to learn about the latest in dairying technology — both large and small.

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