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An Udderly EZ for everyone!

If you’ve perused our website, you may be wondering why there seems to be a different Udderly EZ for each farm animal species (horses, cows, sheep, and goats—we recommend that exotic animals use the sheep size).


When we first hit the market, we had one product for all animals but after hearing feedback from breeders, we realized that not all teats are created equal. While the pump in each Udderly EZ is the same, the sizes of the tubes and of the bottles that come with each kit are different to ensure the best fit for your animal, and to ensure the collection bottles are a good fit for you.


Each milker kit comes with a smaller bottle and a larger one of different volumes depending on the species so that whether you’re collecting colostrum or milking the animal out, you’ll have what you need.


Our mare and sheep milkers come with one pint and (2) eight-ounce bottles, and our cow and goat milkers come with one pint and one quart bottle.


Don’t forget to read your enclosed instructions and watch the  provided DVD free to be sure you’re operating your milker correctly!


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