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Another Ultimately Satisfied Customer!

We got this great review from a satisfied Ultimate EZ customer last week. Thanks, Chantalle, and happy milking!

We have endorsed the Ultimate EZ to everyone we know and meet that milks.  We have only lived in south central Ohio for 2 years now and this was our first experience milking our own cow by hand.  We have worked in parlors before. If it were not for the Ultimate EZ milker, I cannot say if we would have continued after the first few months due to the cow’s very small hind teats and just the over all time for milking (we homeschool six kids and time is of the essence) and purchasing a regular milker was financially out of our reach, especially for one cow.    Discovering and purchasing the Ultimate EZ milker made our desire for fresh milk and milk products doable for our family and easier on our cow.  What a blessing!  Thank you!
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