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The newest issue of Acreage Life is here!

…and among many other helpful tips and articles, Buck shares his thoughts on starting horses under saddle. This continues a series we have published throughout the year to help backyard horse owners get their youngsters off to a good, stable start.

Mind you–the series isn’t totally chronological. Foals of 2014 should not be under saddle at this point in the year, October. We’ve just continued the series on handling monthly as each magazine is released. The age at which you begin introducing your horse to tack will vary with the horse’s discipline, physical condition, and mental disposition. Waiting too long can cause more problems than solutions, but so can starting too early.

Learn more in the October issue of Acreage Life magazine:


This young lady was able to hit the saddle in just a couple of hours with Buck's help, but she had done a lot of ground work months in advance to make sure the horse was ready for this step

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