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From Paddy Cake–Kentucky Followers, Come Visit Me!

Paddy Cake is the Ultimate EZ team’s newest member. She is a three-foot miniature Jersey cow with some fantastic moo-to-text software, and drops by our blog occasionally to provide tips and perspective on her favorite topic–Milking! Learn more here.

Greetings, bipeds!

As you know, I love spending time teaching people about how easy and rewarding Milking can be, so I’m excited to announce that I will be attending the Kentucky Farm Fest July 11-12 in Crestwood, Ky. with our inventor, Buck Wheeler. You’ll get the chance to find out how the Ultimate EZ works and you’ll have the opportunity to milk me. I’m a once-a-day kind of gal when it comes to milking, so I’ll be sure to save up for you guys. And bring the kids! I love teaching the little ones about where their food comes from.

Our friends at Good Shepherd Cheese will be there with their sheep cheese and other sheep products, which I hear humans absolutely love. There will be an entire foodie/farm market, kids’ activities, cooking classes, and all kinds of workshops to teach you about how to enrich your interactions with the outdoors.

Learn more about the Farm Fest program and get directions here.

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