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From Paddy Cake: Road Trip Equipment

I have taken over fielding customer emails for the Human to keep myself occupied as the days grow shorter and I was excited to read this note from Cindy, who let us know about one more important use for our Udderly EZ hand milker.

Peek a boo!

Cindy transports cows and calves across state lines and she has found that the little ones sometimes lose a little of their appetite during the trip. During a recent haul of a mom and calf from Idaho back to her home in Texas, she realized that the calf was only emptying two quarters, which made hand milking at a rest stop a necessity. (Actually, the pair came from the publisher of MaryJanes Farm magazine, which is a great publication. Check it out if you haven’t already!)

She wrote:

“Thanks for your great product, I appreciate you.

Note the calf photo bombing one of the photos.”

The Udderly EZ is gentle on teats (I’ve tested it out myself!), which is especially important when you’re milking in an unfamiliar environment.

Cindy also owns an Ultimate EZ milker and let us know that she’s asking Santa for an EZ Solar Solution this year for Christmas.

I’m pretty good friends with Santa, Cindy. I’ll put in a good word for you.

Love, Paddy Cake

The Udderly EZ on the road!

We are loving Cindy's bumper sticker!

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