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Now that the Ultimate EZ Milker has been in the marketplace for a little while, we’re tickled to see this product review from Shadow Hills Ranch in Utah. Shadow Hills uses Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and often we understand people milking this diminutive breed of goat have difficulty getting conventional pulsator milkers to fit the smaller teats. We’ve had a number of people who milk Nigerian Dwarf Goats tell us that both the Udderly EZ hand-powered milker and the Ultimate EZ gentle vacuum milker keep even small breeds of goat comfortable with no damage to even the littlest teats.

We’re so happy to hear time and time again that our milkers don’t just make things quick and efficient for people, but that they help make the milking process comfortable and relaxing for the animals, too!

You can find this review in the upcoming issues of the Dairy Goat Journal, which is a great resource

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