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Here’s what happy customer Jody had to say:

“We LOVE the milker. I appreciate the ability to keep each teat separate from the others. This was so important this winter when we had a cow with a plugged milk duct. We were able to determine which teat was clotting and kept that milk separate from the rest. It let us milk completely and keep track of how much was coming from that teat. We treated only that quarter and did not need to waste all the milk for the three days of treatment. This is so much better than my old bucket milker, and it’s much easier for my pregnant daughter-in-law to use.

“In the two years I have been using the system I have only replaced two tube clips and the four-quart milker bottles (because my part-time help put them in my dishwasher while I was on vacation). We love the system, wish we had this when my kids were showing cows at the fairs, life would have been easier. Thanks for a great product and wonderful customer service.”

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