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Valley Vet Supply – a wonderful working relationship

A wide variety of enthusiastic businesses, from large to small, are pleased to carry Udderly EZ products.

Among them is Valley Vet Supply, a premier online retailer for over 30 years. This company helps livestock producers be more profitable, enables equine enthusiasts to pursue their passion, and aids pet owners in maximizing the enjoyment of their pets. Headquartered in Marysville, Kansas, Valley Vet Supply is owned and operated by the same veterinarians that founded the company in 1985.

Valley Vet’s mission is to be “the authoritative source of quality products and product information, anticipating the needs of our customers, and providing solutions with friendly, expedient customer service. From product selection to ensuring that each box is packed with care, our veterinarians and staff are there to personally ensure customer satisfaction.”

Customers might be interested to know Valley Vet Supply is licensed in all 50 states as a retail pharmacy. They are Vet-VIPPS accredited (now “”) by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. “The scope of our business includes prescription products, farm and ranch equipment and supplies, tack and supplies, apparel, show supplies, and much more,” noted spokeswoman Melanie Buhrman. “We employ approximately 150 people to ensure that all orders are processed efficiently and accurately.”

Valley Vet has carried the Udderly EZ line of products since 2006. Why? “Udderly EZ Milkers are a unique milking system,” said Buhrman. “They provide a fast, efficient, and effective method for milking one or more animals. We are always looking for products that make daily chores easier and more efficient. Udderly EZ Milkers do just that.”

Why do Valley Vet’s customers like the Udderly EZ? “Because of the ease of use the milkers provide,” said Buhrman. “Once the milker is in place, it takes just a couple of squeezes of the trigger to encourage a steady stream of milk directly into the attached bottle. Udderly EZ milkers prevent the common problems associated with milking by hand: impatient animals, kicked-over milk buckers, and sore hands in a time-consuming process.”

Udderly EZ cow milking kit

Udderly EZ is proud to be carried by Valley Vet Supply.

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