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Don’t ditch those rural dreams!

So many people dream of living in the country: having a few acres with a nice little vegetable garden and maybe a cow or goat (or three) for milk. There’s nothing like the thought of fresh milk and even homemade cheese, butter, or yogurt for the ultimate in healthy eating.

But what happens if you’re older, or if you suffer from a debilitating condition (carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lymphasemia, etc.) that precludes you from milking? Does this mean you have to scrap the whole idea of dairy animals?

If painful milking is the only thing holding you back from achieving your rural dream, that’s where the EZ milking products come into play. There’s nothing wrong with incorporating whatever modern technology can help you on your journey. EZ products come in many shape and sizes and can fit whatever rural lifestyle you’re trying to achieve, including off-grid.

The most basic product is the Udderly EZ, which is a hand-held, trigger-operated vacuum pump capable of handling one teat at a time. This excellent milker is the most popular of the EZ lines and is superb for people with one or two animals to milk.

Udderly EZ with large inflation

A step up from the Udderly EZ is the Ultimate EZ, which combines the ease and simplicity of the hand milker with the speed of the compressor. It can handle two or four teats at a time. Even better, the compressor is just as easy to use as the hand pump, which means users often feel comfortable leaving home and allowing friends or neighbors to milk their animals for them. The Ultimate EZ is the solution used by many small dairyists with several cows or goats to milk once or twice a day.

The newest version of the Ultimate EZ is the EZ Solar Solution. Use the power of the sun to milk your animals! It’s the ultimate off-grid choice.

Explore the wonderful world of EZ Animal Products to help you realize your rural dream.

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