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Exciting developments in the works!

The hard-working creative minds behind the EZ Animal Products line of products is excited about their latest development: a battery pack for the Ultimate EZ! Called the EZ Power Pak, it clips right to the base of the milker.

Just think of it: the convenience of an electric milker available wherever you need it – off-grid, at the county fair, during a power outage, even out in a pasture. No more running awkward extension cords to the nearest outlet. Instead, the quiet and efficient Ultimate EZ will milk your animals with its own self-contained power source.

Nearly everyone has a battery-powered cordless drill made by DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee. These 18- or 20-volt batteries are proving to be multi-functional – not just in powering the drills, but now powering an easy milking option.

The EZ Power Pak is easily installed on your existing Ultimate EZ milker, or can be shipped pre-installed.

Check it out today!

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