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The price of convenience

Have you ever thought about how much convenience dictates what you do on a daily basis? It might be less expensive to make your own coffee, but the barista on the corner is so much more convenient. It might be healthier to grow your own vegetables, but the supermarket has such a large and convenient selection.

But many people prefer to bypass “convenience” and do things for themselves. The Amish are the most famous examples, but endless others have discovered the joys of growing their own vegetables and building their own projects.

Milking cows or goats is right up there in this category. Sure, it’s a lot more “convenient” to purchase a gallon of milk at the grocery store; but you never know where that milk came from or how the animals were treated.

Instead, small farmers and homesteaders have discovered the pleasure of milking their own critters – and the Udderly EZ or Ultimate EZ is right there to help. These products create their own “convenience” right down at hand level, and allow many people the ability to harvest delicious, wholesome milk from their own animals.

Using two hand pumps at once

If you’ve wanted by skip the “convenience” of huge corporate dairies and milk your own cow or goat, the Udderly EZ or Ultimate EZ brings true hand-held convenience right into your own barn.

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