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Unexpected compliment

On the Rural Revolution blog, the author posted a product review for the EZ Milker almost five years ago. Unexpectedly in the last couple days, a comment came in from that post as follows:

I have used nothing except the Udderly EZ Milker on my Dexters for 3 years. I would never use anything else. It’s the absolute best. I have a calf due any day and can’t wait to milk momma — she’s enormous.

This comment was forwarded to Buck Wheeler, the owner of EZ Animal Products, who responded as follows:

“Thank you for the kind words. I just finished doing a clinic for the Amish in Ohio and Indiana this past week.

We just introduced our new Ultimate Bucket Milker and it was a hit! We also used the EZ Power Pak with a 20 volt DeWalt Battery to power it with. It milks all four teats at once, and holds 3.2 gallons. The Dexter cow had small teats and the owner that supplied the cow for the demo purchased one on the spot after seeing her milked twice with it.

People are satisfied all the way around with EZ Animal Products.

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