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The Amish are some of our happiest customers

Among the Amish, the Udderly EZ milker is very popular. But even off-grid, this sturdy hand milker may not be the best fit.

Take, for example, Levi Fisher. Mr. Fisher owns a small manufacturing company making off-grid laundry equipment.

Like most Amish, Mr. Fisher keeps Jersey cows. “I usually milk two, but I’m down to one,” he says.

But Mr. Fisher has a complication: He has Lyme’s disease. Hand-milking was too difficult. Then a friend showed him an advertisement for the Udderly EZ hand milker.

However even the Udderly EZ proved to be too much. The electrical Ultimate EZ wasn’t an option, since he’s off-grid. So, since he is in manufacturing, Mr. Fisher set out making some changes to the Ultimate EZ: He built the prototype for a solar-powered Ultimate EZ.

Buck Wheeler with EZ Animal Products took Mr. Fisher’s prototype and created the EZ Solar SolutionTM for the Ultimate EZ milker.

“I’ve been using the EZ Solar Solution for three and a half years now,” says Mr. Fisher. “I’ve never had any problems with it.”

Levi Fisher using EZ Solar Solution with four bottles

Mr. Fisher says some people have the mistaken belief the EZ milkers aren’t good for cows because they don’t alternate between teats like hand-milking does. “But a calf doesn’t suck all four teats at a time,” he explains. “The EZ milkers work on two teats but can also work with four teats. The cows don’t mind.”

Mr. Fisher says the EZ Solar Solution Ultimate EZ is very easy to clean. “I usually use a stainless steel pail to carry milk from the barn to the ice box,” he explained. “I put the bottles with the milking equipment into the pail and bring it into the house. My wife can wash the milker in the kitchen. If we had a conventional milking machine, we would have to wash it in the barn.”

Mr. Fisher’s enthusiasm for the EZ Solar Solution is spreading. “I’m passing on word in the Amish community about them,” he says.

Solar system for Ultimate EZ – front view

The solar unit takes about two days to charge fully in the sun, but has the ability to plug into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter in a pinch. It is not recommended the unit be run below 11.8 amps. There is a button to press to check the battery life. The vacuum on the Ultimate EZ is always controlled off the pump. The pressure can be set appropriately for specific species.

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How to cut your milking time in half

Jennifer Gentner of Amaris Farms in Laingsburg, Michigan is in love with her milker:

“This strong little milker packs a lot of power in a small package. Well built, with a nice design – it has cut my milking time in half!”

“What I appreciate most is knowing Buck stands behind his product, and he is at the ready with customer support if needed. That brings peace of mind, which is priceless.”

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Have you ever seen a cow give birth?

The birth of a baby — of any species — is always exciting. Here’s a mini Jersey named Paddy Cake delivering a new little “cupcake.”

Paddy Cake has been milked with the Udderly EZ and the Ultimate EZ for four years now. A match made in heaven.

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Babes in cowland

Udderly EZ products are so easy to use, even children can help with the milking,
as these beautiful photos from satisfied customer Jody illustrate

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Creative solutions to milking problems

Here’s what happy customer Jody had to say:

“We LOVE the milker. I appreciate the ability to keep each teat separate from the others. This was so important this winter when we had a cow with a plugged milk duct. We were able to determine which teat was clotting and kept that milk separate from the rest. It let us milk completely and keep track of how much was coming from that teat. We treated only that quarter and did not need to waste all the milk for the three days of treatment. This is so much better than my old bucket milker, and it’s much easier for my pregnant daughter-in-law to use.

“In the two years I have been using the system I have only replaced two tube clips and the four-quart milker bottles (because my part-time help put them in my dishwasher while I was on vacation). We love the system, wish we had this when my kids were showing cows at the fairs, life would have been easier. Thanks for a great product and wonderful customer service.”

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Making a tough job easier

Novice at milking? The Udderly EZ can help

A happy customer from California wrote: “I got a mini Jersey, my first milk cow ever. Although she normally stands still while milking, it was taking me forever and she was getting agitated – and so was I!

The Udderly EZ milker helps me get the job done quicker, and that makes my cow a lot happier! Buck Wheeler walked me through the process, and I’ve gotta say – this is an amazing product by an amazing man. Thank you!

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Words of wisdom from happy customers

The best advice come from actual milkers

A long-time user of the Udderly EZ Hand Milker just purchased the Ultimate EZ Milker, and passed along a noteworthy observation.

Bonnie McQuatters from Otis, Colorado noticed that goats with small teat holes do better when the smaller 18-ounce bottles are used. She says these bottles draw the milk much faster because the smaller bottles require less vacuum to start the milk flow. Bonnie is one of the milkers featured in the video on the Udderly Ez Milker goat page.

Another happy customer, Susan, uses the large red inflation, which can be seen in this blog post, because it gives her better suction and more milk flow.

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Collecting colostrum with the Udderly EZ

Collecting colostrum for a newborn calf

Have you ever wondered just how exactly you collect colostrum for a newborn calf using the Udderly EZ? It’s the same idea for goats, horses, sheep, camels, or any other lactating animal.

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Products you never knew we carried

Udderly EZ offers a number of nifty extras for their products

Canvas bag

Colostrum bottles and nipples

Color-coded small, medium, large inflations for pumps

Stainless steel wire carrying basket

Udderly EZ cow milking kit

Udderly EZ goat milking kit

Udderly EZ mare milking kit

Udderly EZ sheep milking kit

Ultimate EZ electric kit

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Ultimate EZ – at home or on the road

Ultimate EZ’s complete set-up

So what does the Ultimate EZ solar-powered milking set-up look like?

Complete set-up of Ultimate EZ and solar unit

The orange box featured in the photo is the Ultimate EZ-4 Accessory Kit for the Ultimate EZ Milker. It will milk four teats on a cow, or both teats on two goats or two sheep at the same time.

Here’s the unit in action at a farm in Pennsylvania:

Cow solar milking in Pennsylvania with four bottles

Here’s an on-site set-up at the Kentucky Farm Fest:

The solar system for the Ultimate EZ is easily portable.

Solar system for Ultimate EZ – front view

Solar system for Ultimate EZ – back view

The Ultimate EZ works equally well at home or on the go.

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