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Chatter from horse-lovers

Here’s a conversation overheard on the Chronicle of the Horse forum.

“Udderly EZ Milker – Has anyone had any experience with this device? Comments? Yeah or ‘Neigh’?”

“Udderly Easy – It works great! Was a life saver when I had an ophan foal. I also collect and freeze milk from each of my mares in case of emergency. – Maggie”

“Ditto what Maggie wrote. It is very quick and easy. It also seems to be more comfortable for the mare than manual milking and much more efficient than using an inverted dose syringe.”

“Another BIG thumbs up! I swiped the one from my sister last year and it was a Godsend, especially to get that important first milk into them. Plus – it saves your back – big time – as it is so quick and easy.”

“I have not used it on a horse, but I have used it a lot with my Nigerian Dwarf goats and it works great. I know it’s not the same thing as using on a horse, but I can say that it is easy to set up and there is much less hand fatigue than hand milking. It’s a good product.”

“I’ll agree w/ everyone else; great product! We foal out quite a few mares every year and milk almost all of them, either to freeze or to feed back to the foal. It saves a ton of time.”

Mare milker in action with the Udderly EZ

“Everyone is dead on about this. I LOVE IT!!! Really saved us when I had a foal last year that could not latch on. Easy to use, mares dont mind it at all. Have one on hand. It’s worth it even if you just use it once.”

“Good to know that everyone is giving it a great review! I think I might purchase one. I like to keep colostrum on hand for our farm or others if needed, and milking by hand gets awfully tiring! Where is the best place to purchase one from? (I am in Canada).”

“LOVE IT! It makes life so much easier if you’ve got one you have to milk regularly.”

“Ours is still going strong in its third year.”

“Udderly worth having. Easy to use and works great. Have extra colostrum in the freezer too.”

“Worth Every Penny! Even if you buy a new one every foaling season, its a huge improvement over the upturned syringe or hand milking – much easier on the back and hands. A side bonus is that less experienced folks can use it easily – it takes some time to learn *how to milk* a mare.”

“Thanks all! Ordered one yesterday. Hope to bank a little more colostrum this year.”

More chatter from happy customers!

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Always happy to help

An advantage of a company built on word of mouth and American values is the importance of customer service – often from the head man himself.

Consider this letter from customer Sylvia, who milks goats:

“Hi: I absolutely love this product. This is my second year milking. My problem is that I don’t see the bottles that I would like to have. I have the half-pint plastic bottles, several of which I melted. Instead of plastic, I would like to have something in glass, primarily for hygienic reason, but need something smaller than the quart bottles. I can and do use the quartz plastic bottles but some of my does seem to be a little cranky about them, as the angle of the tit and the bottle can sometimes be a bit troublesome. Please let me know what bottles you have that might be of help, and if there are none that will remedy the problem, please let me know so that I order new plastic half pints. Thanks in advance for your help.”

Buck Wheeler, founder of EZ Animal Products, got right back to Sylvia:

“Hi Sylvia: We do have the pint bottles in glass also. Call our (800) 287-4791 tomorrow and talk to John. Keep in mind they are substantially heavier because they are glass and will break!! Thanks for using our products.”

Buck and Karen Wheeler

This, folks, is typical for the kind of prompt, personalized attention EZ Products gives its customers … and why the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

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Featured in Goat Journal!

A product review for the Udderly EZ was prominently featured in the March/April 2018 issue of Goat Journal! Check it out.

Word is getting out.

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Featured in American Racehorse!

American Racehorse recently printed an article on the importance of colostrum in colts. The Udderly EZ was prominently featured.

Racehorses are valuable animals! Smart breeders don’t take chances.

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Deliriously happy customer

When EZ Products customers are happy, they are really, really happy. Consider this recent email:

A few years ago my husband and I decided we should start raising miniature Jersey cows. We found our first calf and then a bull we liked. Before long we had a beautiful calf and it was time to start milking.

Unfortunately our cow did not have the same agenda. I tried day after day to get a cup or two of milk and all I got for my efforts was a good swift kick. My hands could only take so much of that and I just had to give up. Eighteen months later and we are back to that same place. I started out hopeful and got in there and tried again. I ended up tying the cow front and back to get a couple of cups. I finally had a wee bit of milk and found out it was kinda dirty.

So I got on the internet and started to see a cool gadget called the Udderly EZ. I was intrigued. I watched several YouTube videos and looked up the website. Pretty soon I had my husband checking it out too.

Then a wonderful thing happened. We saw the “Ultimate EZ.” Once we saw the price we were ready to give it a try. It was simple, fast, safe, and best of all CLEAN MILK.

I put in an order for the milker and some other supplies I thought I might need. I was so happy … but then something else amazing happened. My cell phone rang. I was not going to answer. It was almost 11 pm and I don’t know anyone from Kentucky. For some reason I answered my phone. To my amazement it was Buck Wheeler. WHAT? Yes, only 30 minutes after placing my order, Mr. Buck Wheeler was calling to let me know I had probably ordered too many things because I was getting duplicates of items included with my milking machine. WHAT? Yes. I was astounded. We had a nice chat and he told me I would get some of my money back and he would have the warehouse adjust my order. I felt like this is a person I can trust. I am very impressed.

Within a few days I received the equipment and supplies and a receipt for the refunded amount. I washed everything up. Watched the video, assembled a few things and headed to the barn. Once I got Miss Mini Sue situated I gave it a try. It was so easy. And in three minutes I had three bottles of milk. WHAT? Yes. At two weeks of using this system I don’t even have to put a rope on the cow to do the milking. She just eats her hay and lets me do the milking. WHAT? Yes. It is wonderful. Today I got six bottles of clean delicious milk in a few minutes. I am very impressed.

Thank you for making this new experience turn into a fun and rewarding one. – Racquel A.

Thank you, Racquel! Happy customers are the best kind!

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Chatter across the board

Some more monitoring of chatter on milking forums. One person wrote:

Have u tried the Udderly EZ Milker???

I am just wondering becuz I have couple of goats is SOOO hard to milk by my hand!!! It just pain in the rear!!! UGH. So I was wondering if people have tried that or not. Cuz I dont want to waste my money on that. I cannot afford to buy milking machine. It is too expensive for me to buy. Please let me know. Thank u so much…

Immediately a helpful respondent chimed in with her recommendation for the EZ Milker. She wrote:

The EZ Milker is an entirely new invention developed to extract colostrum for foals. I don’t know how many of you have tried to milk a horse, but I have and it ain’t easy! Every piece of the EZ Milker (except for the silicone insert I believe) is American made and it all fits together very nicely. It retails between about $130 – $185. I consider this a good value because everything is included. Different sized extractors, different sized bottles, even udder wipes. Once it arrives it is very easy to assemble and use. The milk only comes in contact with the extractor and milk container so as long as you start with a clean udder the milk stays perfectly clean. Disassembly is very easy and cleaning is also very easy. The extractors are smooth and contoured to be comfortable for the goat.

[Note: The silicone inserts are now proudly made in the USA.]

Some more happy customers!

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Another satisfied customer due to due diligence

Here’s what a satisfied customer had to say in a recent email:

“Thank you for your prompt shipping! Got my little piece yesterday and I didn’t have to hand-milk my goats, two of which are pretty hard to milk due to their teat structure.

I also appreciate how quick you are to respond to problems! I called a couple of weeks ago because I wasn’t getting good suction. The owner walked me through it—and sure enough—it was a simple fix where the suction piece of that blue container wasn’t properly aligned.

Thank you for excellent customer service…it’s a breath of fresh air!”

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The price of convenience

Have you ever thought about how much convenience dictates what you do on a daily basis? It might be less expensive to make your own coffee, but the barista on the corner is so much more convenient. It might be healthier to grow your own vegetables, but the supermarket has such a large and convenient selection.

But many people prefer to bypass “convenience” and do things for themselves. The Amish are the most famous examples, but endless others have discovered the joys of growing their own vegetables and building their own projects.

Milking cows or goats is right up there in this category. Sure, it’s a lot more “convenient” to purchase a gallon of milk at the grocery store; but you never know where that milk came from or how the animals were treated.

Instead, small farmers and homesteaders have discovered the pleasure of milking their own critters – and the Udderly EZ or Ultimate EZ is right there to help. These products create their own “convenience” right down at hand level, and allow many people the ability to harvest delicious, wholesome milk from their own animals.

Using two hand pumps at once

If you’ve wanted by skip the “convenience” of huge corporate dairies and milk your own cow or goat, the Udderly EZ or Ultimate EZ brings true hand-held convenience right into your own barn.

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Monitoring the chatter

It’s always interesting to get on milking-related chat rooms and eavesdrop on the unadulterated conversation taking place about milking issues, milking machines, and issues related to extracting the white stuff from various lactating animals. It’s even more interesting when the chatter supports the claims Udderly EZ makes about the quality of its products.

Here’s an example.

Person 1:
Anyone have experience with this milker? I’ve looked at probably a half dozen of different ones on the internet, including homemade and those for sale such as [redacted] and [redacted] and others. Of course on the website they say the Udderly EZ milker is the best, most comfortable, and safest/most healthy milker for the goat, but then there are people who say it’s no good, so I don’t know who to believe? Any thoughts, experience, or opinions on this Udderly EZ milker? thanks!

Person 2:
I don’t have any experience with [redacted] or [redacted], so I can’t compare them but I LOVE my Hand EZ milker!!! I have owned one since they first came out and milked my first cow using it! I have used it on sheep and goats.

1. It’s very clean….milk goes right in the container
2. Very easy to clean
3. Not heavy, very easy to carry
4. Inexpensive
5. Power not needed
6. Inexpensive replacement parts
7. Anyone can use it especially if you’re not coordinated enough to milk, like me

Cons: People get very frustrated because they DON’T use it properly!! They continue to pump
thinking the more they pump the faster it will go……..wrong! You have to pump and the
stop and it will flow and fill up the bottles pretty quickly. You do not injure the teat if it is used correctly!! I was tempted to get the new electric version but I don’t have enough goats to justify it and I like it quiet when I milk Hope this helps!!!!

Person 1:
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That is the kind of first hand testimony I was looking for, either for or against this milker!

Udderly EZ with large inflation

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When life just gets too busy…

For busy people, the Ultimate EZ Milker is a time-saver extraordinaire.

Melinda Joy Weer is a freelance copy editor, homeschool teacher, retired GIS analyst, programmer, cartographer, and structural geologist. She also raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, so she needs the easiest, most efficient means of milking her caprines.

Melinda notes on her blog: “I walked around my house and barn and took pictures of all the supplies that I use for my herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Taking pictures was the easiest way for me to catalog all the items I use. … I’ve been raising goats since 2004, so I have accumulated a lot of things. But, that also means I’ve gotten a good idea of which things are actually needed.”

And one of those items is the Ultimate EZ Milker. Melinda has been a fan of EZ milkers for years. She bought her first one “when Buck Wheeler was still in the development stage and had just come up with the small inflations for the Nigerians. It still works great after all these years (since 2007), though it is probably due for new gaskets as it doesn’t hold the vacuum as well as it did when it was new.”

So Melinda upgraded. “Ta-da! Here is my brand new Ultimate EZ Milker. I am so excited. I will have six does on milk test this year (instead of just milking one doe for our family), so I splurged.”

Showing the versatility of the milkers, Melinda adds: “I also bought some small bottles and lambar nipples. … The idea here is that I will collect the milk directly into the small bottles, which will fit better under the smaller Nigerians, and then pop a lambar nipple into the top of the collection bottle. I can feed the kids out of the same bottles that I use to collect milk!”

Melinda’s enthusiasm illustrates how useful the EZ Milkers are for small livestock holders everywhere.

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