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From the Mailbag

When you get your Udderly EZ, you’ll also receive a set of full-color instructions, as well as a DVD explaining how to use it. One of the questions we get about the Udderly EZ milker from time to time is why we recommend starting with the smallest bottle that comes in each Udderly EZ kit.


One of the greatest parts about the Udderly EZ in our opinion is that it’s gentle on your animal’s udder. There’s no yanking or uncomfortable tugging of the teats once the Udderly EZ is attached, although it does work via a vacuum seal. When you insert the teat into the tube, that suction is important to ensure that everything works properly. A smaller container results in a reduced need for a vacuum, and until you get used to placing the milker on the teat properly to create the seal, it’s best to practice with the smallest container first for this reason.


Each milker comes with two sizes of bottles so that you have a practical collection container whether you’re collecting a small amount of colostrum or milking the animal out. We don’t have any bottles larger than a quart, because it will reduce the effectiveness of the vacuum seal.


If, after you get used to your Udderly EZ you’d like additional bottles or a few additional sizes, take a look at our Milker Accessories page.


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