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Making spring cleaning Udderly EZ

Now that lambing season is winding down, it’s the perfect time to restock your lambing kit. Even in the best of operations, lambing doesn’t always go as planned, and it’s important to have the right tools on hand for a normal birth, and to prepare you for the unexpected.


Here’s a sample list of what you may want to include:

1. 60 mL syringe with catheter

2. Iodine and navel cup

3. Clean, old towels

4. Navel clamps

5. Thick gel lubricant

6. Lambing rope or shoelaces in case you need to pull a lamb

7. Pliers

8. Thermometer

9. Heat lamp

10. Basic antibiotics and electrolytes

11. Pepto-Bismol and aspirin

12. Balling gun

13. Mineral oil

14. Uterine boluses for assisted deliveries

15. Flashlight

16. Latex gloves

17. Watch

18. Scissors

19. Milk replacer

20. Dextrose

21. Any additional medications as recommended by your veterinarian—always check with them before adding a new drug or vitamin to your arsenal


And of course, don’t forget the Udderly EZ milker! We have secured a new nipple that fits onto our bottles to make it easier for lambs to learn to nurse, so the system is even easier to use along with the new 8-ounce Colostrum bottles that were designed specifically for the lambs.


Check out our video from the University of Kentucky’s lambing school here.


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