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On Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer! Colostrum Collection Made E Z for Reindeer Farmers

Buck had the chance to visit with Daryl Simon and Bev Herda of Crystal Collection Reindeer in Crystal Lake, Minnesota last year and found the Udderly E Z milker being used in a whole new way.


We’ve heard of our products, especially The Stableizer ® being used on some unusual animals but we were pleased to learn that the milker can help out other species, too. Bev and Daryl use it for colostrum collection on their reindeer cows as a way of staying prepared for next year’s breeding season. You never know when you’ll have a youngster in need of some colostrum, and reindeer are no exception!


“We’ve tried to milk one out with our fingers, or even using our syringe,” said Daryl, who told us that it’s difficult to get reindeer to let down their milk, especially when they’re standing up. Interestingly, calves usually nurse while the reindeer cow is lying down for its first few days of life for this reason.


With the help of the Udderly E Z though, we were able to get some of the reindeer cows milked out so there will be colostrum for the calves who aren’t up to the challenge, in this calving season or the next.


We had to do a little adjusting to get the milker to work with the reindeer, but that’s one of the great things about a small business like ours—we’re always here to help with our products!


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