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Squeaky clean!

It’s important to clean the Udderly EZ after each use, and fortunately we’ve made this as easy as possible. The pump portion easily snaps on and off, allowing you to clean the milker components. After each use, the collection extraction cylinder and plastic collection bottle should be immersed in warm soapy water. You can add a disinfectant, sanitizer, or a small amount of bleach (no more than one part bleach to ten parts water). Clean and rinse thoroughly, then air dry.


Please don’t boil the plastic collection bottles or put them in the dishwasher, as this will untemper them and is unnecessary to disinfect them.


Don’t forget to add the black O-ring to the lip of the collection bottle after cleaning.


Occasionally, customers let us know that after they’ve kept their Udderly EZ in storage for a season, they have a little difficulty restarting it or gaining suction. This can happen if you inadvertently pull milk into the pump housing before you shelve it for the season. It’s important to check on this, and to clean out the pump as soon as possible if milk or colostrum get inside, as they are very sticky and can damage the inner workings of the pump.


If you find milk or colostrum is inside the pump assembly, you can immerse the whole pump in mild soapy  water (as hot as your hand can stand) with four to six tablespoons of baking soda. Pump the solution through the pump, then repeat the process with warm clear water. Shake out the pump, and suction air through to help the internal parts dry, then air dry the pump.  The full instructions are on page 2 and are listed on top of each page of the animal to be milked.


For further instruction, watch our video here.

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