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The New Lamb Nipple

Feeding a lamb with our new nipple at the U of K in Lexington.

Hello All,

Well, after along search we have finally procured a feeding nipple to use with our bottles. We had to go to New Zealand but we felt it was worth it to provide this item. People have been asking for them for a few years now and we listened. Buck tried them out at the University of Kentucky sheep unit in Lexington last week with great success. He worked with Endre who was doing a class on lambing.  Buck gave a demonstration on using the Udderly Ez Milker to collect colostrum from ewes and then bottle fed some of the lambs in the unit.

You can go to our YouTube channel at and watch the video he took. Its a very informative segment on all things lambing.  We actually have two new styles of feeding nipples that we will offer. The Lamb nipple fits down in the neck of our bottles and the other nipple stretches over the threads. We will be doing some more testing with that one on foals and goats to see if it works well enough to offer it to you. I hope to have these up on the website for purchase by Monday. If you are interested before then, call me at 1-800-287-4791 and I can get one right out to you. That’s all for now. Have a great day.

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