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The Stableizer ® stretches its legs

The Stableizer ® has gotten rave reviews from equestrians of all disciplines, but the halter knows no species bounds! Check out a few photos from The Stableizer ®’s travels around the world and onto new kinds of quadrapeds.

Here, The Stableizer ® visits a camel in Aweer, Arabian Desert, Dubai, in the UAE. Check out the 'Before'...

...and 'After'! See how the camel's bottom lip has dropped? Just four minutes after putting it on, he's feeling the endorphin release. What a happy guy!

Who says mules are stubborn? With the help of The Stabilzier®, this guy was happy to get back to his job, along with some help from Buck.

Look at those stripes! Even zebras, notorious for their bad attitudes, respond well to The Stableizer®!

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