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The Stableizer Goes to the Derby

Spring has sprung in central Kentucky and once again it’s almost time for the Kentucky Derby. Did you know that two-time Derby winning trainer Carl Nafzger is a regular user of The Stableizer (R)? In Fact, 2007 Kentucky Derby winner Street Sense wore the restraint halter in training frequently.

“The Stableizer (R) is the greatest tool I’ve ever run into for protecting the animal and helping you handle him,” Nafzger told us. “We take all the horses to the paddock with it; we used to take them all with lip chains, but The Stableizer (R) is more adjustable and predictable! It really makes them focus.”

Street Sense dons The Stableizer

Unlike chemical means of sedation, The Stableizer (R) works with the horse’s body to help him relax and focus naturally. The plastic tube and heat shrunk beads put pressure on acupuncture points G.V.26 and T.H.17, which target adrenaline blockage and endorphin release. The effect is similar to rubbing a dog or cat behind the ears, providing the horse with pleasure rather than pain, giving him a positive association with his surroundings and actions. What could be better?

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