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The Udderly EZ Mare Milker at work

We just received a Facebook post from Buckland Equine Rescue Inc. in Kentucky with a great success story about the Udderly EZ mare milker. Buckland Equine recently took in several rescue mares who were undernourished and discovered they were pregnant. The mares are now foaling, and some are so weak they’re having difficulty nursing their foals. We donated an Udderly EZ mare milker to Buckland to give them a hand.

On Monday they let us know that the milker was doing wonders for their moms and babies.

They’ve also let us know that one of the mares is reluctant to be milked and she has developed mastitis. While this behavior response is not typical, it does sometimes happen and fortunately we have a solution. The Stabilizer is a great tool to help calm horses in a variety of situations, including the milking process. I plan to make a trip to Buckland in the next few weeks to show them how to use The Stabilizer effectively, and I’ll post again to let you know how it went. Stay tuned!

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