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Udderly EZ for Humans and Goats Alike!

We received this note from a satisfied customer whose Udderly EZ milker not only helped her goats but gave her some relief as well.

Susan uses the Udderly EZ milker to milk one of her goats--it's pain-free solution for both of them!

Susan suffers from lymphedema as a result of a surgery, which leaves her left hand swollen and uncomfortable, and as a result she was struggling to milk her goats. The goats had become engorged, distressing Susan so much that she cried with relief when she received a shipment from us. We were so glad we could help them out!

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and during the surgery they removed 12 lymph glands from under my left arm. Suddenly in June of this year, my left arm and hand swelled from lymphedema so that I can’t use this hand to milk our goats. I also have arthritis in my right wrist due to my profession as a dental hygienist for 45 years. Thanks to the UdderlyEz Milker™ I can now milk our two goats without any problems. It is fast and so “EZ” to use, and clean up is a breeze!”

~Susan from Montana


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