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Udderly Hungry!

Did you know that the average beef cow can require several extra pounds of dry matter each day to nurse a calf? It can be challenging to determine exactly how much your heifer needs to eat to pass enough nutrients on to her calf, but basically it’s best to think of her needs as fitting into one of four categories: gestation, pre-calving, postpartum (80-90 days after giving birth), and lactating/pregnant (120-130 days).

According to Virginia Tech extension specialists, a heifer needs about 13 percent more energy and about 8 percent more protein in the early days after calving to keep up with her baby, while resuming her own heat cycles.

With all that eating going on, it’s easy to see how important it is to make sure your calves are getting all the available milk. That’s why where the Udderly EZ milker comes in—if a calf can’t or won’t nurse, or needs to be removed from the heifer earlier than planned, we can help you ensure that the calf gets everything it needs to keep growing, and none of mom’s energy and feed goes to waste.


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