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Udderly Satisfied: Another milker success story!

We recently got an email from yet another satisfied customer, and wanted to share. We hear from a lot of people who have used the Udderly EZ to comfortably milk out animals on the verge of, or suffering from, mastitis.

Mr. Wheeler,

Thank you so much for inventing the UdderlyEZ.

My name is Guy Wynn. I talked to you last  Monday about the problem we were having with the dairy cow we have that had just had a calf that previous Sunday. Her udder was so swollen and the front 2 teats were badly bruised and swollen to the size of my wrist. There was no way the newborn calf could get them into his mouth.

That is one unhappy teat. This is 'Before' the Udderly EZ, when our customer's cow was on the verge of mastitis

My wife found your website (thank God) and I called and ordered the milker Monday morning. Mr. Morrison was extremely helpful in expediting my order for next day air. It arrived on Tuesday morning and we watched the DVD. We put it together (very simple, by the way) and went to try it out. I have to admit that I was skeptical that her teats would fit into the collection tube, but lo and behold the thing worked EXACTLY as you told me it would. We were able to collect a good amount of colostrum, which we froze for use at a later time.

The Udderly EZ is working hard, but Guy sure isn't, and neither is his cow, who is being milked comfortably despite the swelling

We have continued to use the UdderlyEZ every day as I am not a very good hand milker. With your product, I don’t have to be. And, with her front 2  teats still being bruised, I can milk her without worrying about causing her any discomfort.

I just want to say thanks again for a great product, and to say that I would recommend your product to anyone that has the issues we’ve had.

Guy Wynn is the 'After'! She looks much more comfortable after the Udderly EZ, and now her calf can nurse

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  1. seied mehdi hoseini
    Posted January 3, 2014 at 12:40 pm | Permalink

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  2. buckwheeler
    Posted January 28, 2014 at 4:31 am | Permalink

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