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Are you ready for foals?!

It’s foaling season! We just can’t get enough of all the adorable foal photos that are floating around the internet these days:














You may have seen our latest Acreage Life column on foaling out mares at home. (If not, you can read it here.)


If your mare has still got a few weeks or months left before delivering, there are still a few things you can get together to have your foaling kit ready to go when she is. Here are a few ideas:


-A flashlight with fresh batteries

-All the names and phone numbers you may need in the event of an emergency, especially after-hours contact info for your vet, and the number of your local colostrum bank, if needed

-A stopwatch to keep track of how long the various stages of birth are continuing

-Clean steel buckets for carrying water or collecting laundry

-A tail wrap

-Clean towels, stored in a dust-free space

-Surgical or exam gloves

-Lengths of string to tie off the umbilical cord

-Sharp, blunt-nosed scissors (in case you need to carefully pierce the placenta to allow the foal to breathe)

-Large storage container (to keep placenta out of reach of other animals until it can be properly disposed of)

-Antiseptic dip for the umbilical stump

-Mild soap to clean off the mare’s hindquarters and udder before birth

-Udderly EZ hand-pump milker (in case the foal has difficulty nursing)


One more item you may consider is a colostrum refractometer. This hand-held device just requires a few drops of colostrum to make sure it has adequate nutrients for your foal.


We sell colostrum refractometers in our online shop—don’t get caught without it!

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