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Experts agree that a fit goat is a healthy goat. This is especially true for a fit pregnant goat, who will be is likely to encounter health issues when it comes time to deliver. But just how do you exercise a goat?


Managers of meat goats headed for the show ring often establish a routine of running the goats in a pen for a period every day, with the help of a dog or a four-wheeler. If you’re not ready for something that intense, a leisurely walk will still do the does some good. This is also a good opportunity to teach them how to better walk on a lead.


If you need a laugh, hunt for videos of playing goats on YouTube. These guys (seen thanks to user tiredtaximom1) are having a blast!

Providing toys for goats often allows them to solve the problem for themselves. Ramp structures or large rocks help them get out that instinctive need to climb, while obstacles like old tires (especially tractor-sized tires) and large wooden spools provide fun things to run around or over. Plastic bins can be used as climbing obstacles or turned on their sides to create hiding places for young goats. Old dog houses or children’s playhouses work great for this purpose too.


When kids arrive, the young goats might have fun with a suspended milk carton or Jolly Ball (horse toy) in their enclosure—both by chewing on the rope suspending the item, and swinging the item around. Sand boxes, if kept properly clean, can also be great fun for young goats.


The best part about goat toys is that they don’t have to cost much—used or cast-off equipment like this can often be found at a garage sale. Just be sure that goats can’t get stuck in, or cut themselves on, whatever materials you provide them.


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