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We love getting fan mail!

so we were excited to hear from Janet from Jasper, Missouri on her great experience with our Udderly EZ milker. Glad we could help you out, Janet!


To whom it may concern:


I would like to express my extreme gratitude in regards to the quality of customer service that I have recently received from your company. I have truly appreciated the quick response that I got, and the personal way that you undertake your business is excellent.

I would like to commend the president and CEO of the company Buck Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler worked on my struggle with my situation and has always been patient when dealing with my issue. He was able to use his knowledge and position to help me. With a CEO like Mr. Wheeler I am sure that Udderly EZ will be a top company in the US.

I purchased my milker March of 2013 and fully enjoyed using the product. I found milking to be a pleasant chore instead of hard on my hands. My milker than stopped working about September, I followed all the instructions on cleaning the milker and tried it again. Once again it stopped working; this is when I first contacted Udderly Ez by e-mail.  Mr. Wheeler was the person that contacted me back. I was astounded that the CEO of the company would be the person contacting me. He instructed me to call him personally to work through what might be my issue; he was polite, kind and very helpful. I followed his instructions to the end and then tried my milker again. Of course it continued to be defaulted.

I was then asked to mail my milker back to the company for them to look at it and send me a new one.  Found out that my milker had been an older model from a while back and the place that I had purchased it from was holding outdated stock. I was unaware of that situation. Having found that out it was to void my warranty. I was distraught about the situation for fear of wasting my money. After a few emails and discussions we came to the conclusion that it was of fault of neither I or Udderly Ez with the warranty situation and they offered to send me a new up to date milker.

I completely enjoy my milker and the ease of use. It is so much faster than hand milking and of course it doesn’t wear out my hands. My daughter uses it to help me with the chores and it makes her so much quicker than she would normally be. It all fits together nicely and seems to be mostly American manufactured. I believe the price of the milker to be a good value. Everything you need to start is in the box. You get different sized extractors, different sized bottles and udder wipes and a cleaning cloth. My personal preference is the milk only comes in contact with the extractor and the milk container so if you start clean you will stay clean, and the extractors are smooth and contoured to be comfortable for the animal. Disassembly and cleaning are both easy.

I highly recommend the use of the Udderly Ez Milker!



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