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Meet the newest member of our team!

Meet Paddy Cake, the newest member of the Udderly EZ team!

Paddy Cake is a Once A Day Family Size Cow from Misty Morning Farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Misty Morning breeds smaller A2/A2 cows designed for milk production for one family. They only need milking once per day (as the slogan implies) and their smaller stature makes them a little less overwhelming for those new to dairy cows. The Misty Morning cows are bred for hand-sized teats and are handled throughout their lives to make the milking process easier for families.

Paddy Cake is going to help us show folks the speed and ease of the Ultimate EZ milker at local agricultural shows, and will live on the rolling hills of our Lexington, Kentucky farm when she’s not playing Ultimate EZ ambassador.

So far, Paddy Cake is doing an awesome job of showing folks how quick and comfortable the milking process can be, even for those with just one or two backyard cows. The Ultimate EZ and the hand-powered Udderly EZ are both extraordinarily easy to keep clean.

Here, Paddy Cake is showing off the equipment to attendees at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville, N.C. this past weekend. Hard to believe she’s only three years old!

See Paddy Cake next at the Kentucky Farm Fest Jul 11-12 in Peewee Valley, Ky. We’ll be there showing off the equipment for both cows and goats.

Also, check out Misty Morning Farm’s website. The owners, Faith and Adam Schlabach, are also local dealers of our products!

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