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Ultimate EZ: Helping Jumpstart Future Champions

Although many of our Ultimate EZ and Udderly EZ customers are milking cows, goats, and sheep, we have lots of folks using the milkers on mares, too. One of our valued customers is Taylor Made Farm, a major Thoroughbred breeding and sales operation south of Lexington, Kentucky. Taylor Made deals with a lot of foals each year, which means they deal with colostrum and milk collection frequently.

We’ve told you before about the ways that the Ultimate EZ can help with neonatal isoerythrolysis, but the folks at Taylor Made have also found the milker helpful for collecting and storing colostrum. The mare’s first milk, the colostrum, is rich in nutrients and antibodies from mom that are vital for giving her foal a good start in life. Unfortunately, difficult foaling, colic, or other veterinary issues can sometimes prevent a mare from producing or delivering an adequate amount of colostrum in the foal’s critical early days. Many large farms and vet clinics here in central Kentucky collect and store excess colostrum from healthy mares for use in these situations.

Taylor Made’s managers and in-house veterinarian told us that the Ultimate EZ is much easier than manually milking a mare, as it’s often difficult to keep pressure consistent with your fingers and the process takes much less time than manual milking. The silicone inserts also keep the process comfortable for the mare–they even told us mares seem to breathe a sigh of relief when the tubes are placed on their teats.

We like to think our products are not just convenient for our customers, but that they make life better for our customers’ animals, too. In this case, it’s amazing to think that the Ultimate EZ could be helping nurture a future Kentucky Derby winner. At a place like Taylor Made, where Triple Crown winner American Pharoah spent time as a youngster, it’s entirely possible we’re doing just that!

You can find out more about using the Ultimate EZ for mares here, and you can hear more about what Taylor Made’s team had to say in our most recent commercial.

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