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‘What a perfectly brilliant device!’

We just get tickled pink hearing from satisfied customers. Buck invented our various types of milkers with the small-scale, home milker in mind so it’s great to hear how the machines improve the lives of people and their animals.

That’s why we were psyched to hear from Dale and Terri McIntosh from Missouri, who let us know how much easier their mornings are thanks to the Ultimate EZ milker. Here’s what they had to say:

Just wanted to drop you a note and say that we love the ez milker. It is wonderful and perfect for  our single cow. We milk for our own family and didn’t want a huge milker just for one cow. This milker has saved my husband’s hands. He is the main milker. For an older couple (us)this milker is a God send! Thank you for inventing it. What a perfectly brilliant device.


It took a bit to get our jersey used to it. But really only took about a week or so to get her accustomed to it. Every time we removed it the vacuum noise would cause her to jump so what we did was start out hand milking her. Gently use 1 bottle not two.. Pinch off the line before removing it with the line pinch that cuts off the milk flow. That released it quietly. Empty it into the bucket. Restart the process.  Then we were able finish milking. It only took a day or two of that until we quit hand milking and now can use both bottles as she got used to it quickly and no longer jumped at the noise. Takes ¼ of the time to milk from hand milking and very little clean up. Only have to clean 2 bottles and the backflow line only rarely. Those big milkers everyone is set on takes 40 minutes to clean up after it. This one takes just a couple of minutes.


We are sold on the machine and absolutely love it. I suppose if a person had lots of cows it might slow up their milking but for us on our hobby farm it is exactly what we hoped to find. Plus, it is EXACTLY as you say it. Those people that say ‘’beware of it’’ are probably on the payroll of the other milker machines, or they never used this one. They lie. It does no harm at all to our cow. Hand milking can cause harm if done wrong. So can a machine. No matter what machine is used. This machine is delicate on her and easy to use. Perfect for all of us.


Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much we love it!


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