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Beef Farmer Recommends Ultimate EZ Electric Milker for Cold-Weather Calving

EZ Animal Products recently received this positive recommendation of the Ultimate EZ milker from Owsiany Farms for use during calving season.

Thank you, Buck Wheeler, for inventing the Ultimate EZ milking machine; it makes our job easier.
We are beef farmers, and the weather in Michigan this time of the year is snow, sleet, and rain. So, if a cow has her calf and it doesn’t get right up and start eating, we use the Ultimate EZ milking machine to collect the warm colostrum from the cow, so we can feed it to the calf right away.
We have saved a lot of calves in cold weather by doing it this way. Sometimes, we save extra colostrum and freeze it for any future problems that may occur at calving time.
The Ultimate EZ milker is handy; it’s small, but powerful, and cleanup is fast and easy.
Life is good!
Owsiany Farms
Lawton, MI
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