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EZ Animal Products Announces Distribution In The Gulf

February 17, 2016 (LEXINGTON, Ky.)—EZ Animal Products, maker of the Ultimate EZ and Udderly EZ milkers, will begin distributing its products in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Dubai effective immediately. EZ Animal’s newest international distributor is Ahmed Saeed Alwahshi, who is based in Abu Dhabi and has coordinated with governments in the Gulf region to bring the products into those countries via his Sari General Trading Company. Alwahshi, a four-time champion goat breeder in the United Arab Emirates, tested both the hand-powered Udderly EZ milker and the electric Ultimate EZ milker himself on his champion dairy goats, and was amazed at the ease and speed of both products.

“I have used the UDDERLY EZ Goat Milker on my champion goats and could not believe how easy it was to operate and clean after using,” said Alwahshi. “I would not hesitate in recommending and advising veterinarians, educators, and instructors in the animal sciences sectors to use not only the Udderly Ez hand milker, but also the Ultimate EZ electric milker that can milk up to four teats at once at a very safe and fast rate.

“These milkers make the process of collecting colostrum and milking easy, safe and healthy for the consumer.”

Both milkers, which have been received enthusiastically in the American marketplace, will increase milking speed for owners of cows, goats, sheep, and even horses and camels while remaining gentle on the animals’ teats. They are suited for routine milking use or for stripping out animals suffering from mastitis, as the silicone inserts and light suction are kind to even sensitive skin or inflamed teats.

The Udderly EZ is a hand pump milker that works when the user squeezes a handle on the underside of the milker. Milk streams from the udder directly into the plastic collection bottle below. The Ultimate EZ combines the simplicity of the Udderly EZ system with the speed of a pulsator. A pressure gauge allows the user to set the appropriate suction for their animal, and the milk still drops directly into the collection bottles without running through complicated hoses that must be cleaned out.

EZ Animal is an American-based company with distributors across the globe. It was founded by inventor Buck Wheeler, who has spent his lifetime as a farmer working with cattle and horses while looking for practical solutions to everyday challenges for small- and medium-scale operations.

“We are thrilled to work with Ahmed to distribute our milkers to the Gulf region,” said Wheeler. “We are confident that dairyists there will love them as much as our American customers do.”

EZ Animal makes all its products in the United States.


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