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The Ultimate EZ Goes To Abu Dhabi

Remember our friend Ahmed Saeed ALwahshi, who tested out the Udderly EZ milker (our hand-powered milker) in Abu Dhabi? Well, we sent him an Ultimate EZ (our electric pump milker), and we’re proud to say he is a fan.

Ahmed's award for Grand Champion Goats in Abu Dhabi

Ahmed and his brother raise champion goats and sheep in Abu Dhabi, so of course comfort and safety of their animals is paramount to them. A lot of customers are fans of both milkers because they’re gentle on teats, making them a great option for milking out animals with mastitis or teaching young animals about the milking process. Both milkers are also incredibly quick, so goats, sheep, cows, and even horses or camels are milked out in a few minutes. We were glad to get their stamp of approval on both milkers.

We’re also pleased to announce that Ahmed will be a distributor for our products in the Gulf region. Details are coming soon, but look for his contact information on our international distributors page.

Check out a video of Ahmed testing out the milker here on Google Drive.





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