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Easy-peasy assembly for the Udderly EZ

When you get your Udderly EZ in the mail, the first thing you need to do is assemble it. Nothing could be easier (make that “EZ-er”).

The kit comes pre-packaged with everything you need.

There are both written and video instructions in each box.

The box also includes wipes for cleaning the udder – always necessary before milking.

This particular kit was packed with three sizes of silicone inflations (the colored pieces) which fit inside a collection tube (which snaps onto the connector clip). The inflations are the portion which fits over the animal’s teat, and is available in different sizes to suit large and small animals.

It also comes with three different sized collection bottles and a rubber nipple, for all your milking (and feeding) needs. Each bottle has a rubber O-ring around the neck; this ring is necessary for proper usage.

Of course the two most critical components are the pump (left) and the connector clip (right).

Assembling the unit is easy.

The connector clip snaps easily into the pump unit.

The collection bottle should be fitted to the collection tube before the collection tube goes on the connector clip.

After this, the collection tube is snapped onto the connector clip.

That’s it! The Udderly EZ is now ready to use on your lactating animal.

Happy milking!

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