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Saving baby goats

This just came in from a client that I’ve been working with. We used our New Large Silicone inflation in the Udderly EZ on this goat to get the job done properly. — Buck

Kelly’s story:

I was given this goat because her udder is deformed and all the kids she gave birth to died shortly after birth because they couldn’t nurse.

Deformed goat teat

It takes them about 3 days to figure out how to nurse with me helping them every few hours, even during the night. I haven’t lost a kid yet doing this but it was really hard to milk her by hand. I almost gave up but then remembered seeing an ad for the Udderly Ez hand milker and called Mr. Wheeler to see if he thought it would work on my goat. I sent him a picture of her udder and he said we could try it. So I bought the kit and it worked great without the silicone insert.

When he remade the silicone insert with a much bigger hole, he sent me one to try. It works great and I get more milk from each teat than I did without the silicone insert!

All milked out!

Thank you,

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