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The brains behind the brawn

Have you ever wondered about the man behind the scenes? Just who is this Buck Wheeler, anyway?

Buck is an innovator, a horseman, businessman, and inventor. He is a man who can recognize a problem, formulate a plan, then execute and patent that idea into reality.

Buck is president and CEO of Wheeler Enterprises, Inc., EZ Animal Products, and Oak Tree Farms. Along with his wife Karen, he has invented and patented the Stableizer® , Udderly EZ Milker, the Ultimate EZ Milker, the EZ Solar Solution, and the Buck-A-Long. The Stableizer Equine Restraint and Training System® has been used on two Kentucky Derby winners; and his other inventions, the Udderly EZ Milker™ and Ultimate Ez Milker, are already being used in leading veterinary teaching hospitals, breeding farms, hobby farms, leading trainers, and private facilities around the world.

His story and products have been highlighted in many equine magazines, including: Equus, Draft Horse Journal, Western Mule Magazine, Thoroughbred Times, Blood Horse, Quarter Horse Journal, sheep, goat and cow magazines, Hobby Farms, and many more.

Buck has conducted clinics at all the major equine events around the country, in Canada and Europe. He has instructed all nine units of the U.S. Army and Cavalry that have horses and mules, BLM mustangs, Caisson Platoon at Arlington National Cemetery, mounted police units, trainer to Her Majesty the Queen, and Sheik Mohammed while in England, the Ireland ISPCA, and a leading veterinary surgical hospital in Brussels, Belgium.

He just finished conducting two daily clinics in July for the Amish Horse Progress Days in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with over 20,000 in attendance, and he has been asked to return for the next two years because of the level of horsemanship he teaches their young people and elders alike.

Buck with reindeer

Buck continuously improves his products. EZ Animal Products are now manufacturing all their own silicone inflations for the milkers, and now have in-house control of manufacturing the Udderly EZ Milkers.

“We continually listen to our clients as to any improvements that will make our inventions more user-friendly and operationally efficient,” he says. “Over the years we have completely rebuilt our hand pump and now give our overseas clients a chance to use the Ultimate EZ Electric Milkers by building them in 230V to accommodate their electrical grid.”

After working with horses for more than 65 years, Buck was determined to find a better way to start and manage unruly horses. What he sought was a safer, more effective and easier-to-use method that could be used by a single handler, which would still allow the trainer to work the horse and make it focus at the same time.

Buck using a long baby colt lead

Buck was raised on a large cattle and farming ranch in Solen, North Dakota on the Sioux Indian Reservation. He is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and, with the exception of six years as a U.S. Army Paratrooper, horses have been his calling and way of life. He is proud to apply “Made in USA” to all of his products.

As taught in his clinics, “When a horse has been desensitized properly with different stimuli, such as clipping, sacking out, first time bath, noise factors, saddling, loading, harnessing, hot walker, driving, etc., they seem to remember it as a pleasurable experience instead of a bad cellular memory because of the euphoria induced from the endorphin release at time of application.”

He adds, “Everything you do with a horse is mind control. A horse’s nature is flight, and if he can’t flee he gets upset. The Stableizer® teaches it to focus on the task at hand and learn to relax.”

So there you have it, folks. The products sold are born of experience and the recognition of a need … and Buck is just the man to fill that need.

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