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Chatter from horse-lovers

Here’s a conversation overheard on the Chronicle of the Horse forum.

“Udderly EZ Milker – Has anyone had any experience with this device? Comments? Yeah or ‘Neigh’?”

“Udderly Easy – It works great! Was a life saver when I had an ophan foal. I also collect and freeze milk from each of my mares in case of emergency. – Maggie”

“Ditto what Maggie wrote. It is very quick and easy. It also seems to be more comfortable for the mare than manual milking and much more efficient than using an inverted dose syringe.”

“Another BIG thumbs up! I swiped the one from my sister last year and it was a Godsend, especially to get that important first milk into them. Plus – it saves your back – big time – as it is so quick and easy.”

“I have not used it on a horse, but I have used it a lot with my Nigerian Dwarf goats and it works great. I know it’s not the same thing as using on a horse, but I can say that it is easy to set up and there is much less hand fatigue than hand milking. It’s a good product.”

“I’ll agree w/ everyone else; great product! We foal out quite a few mares every year and milk almost all of them, either to freeze or to feed back to the foal. It saves a ton of time.”

Mare milker in action with the Udderly EZ

“Everyone is dead on about this. I LOVE IT!!! Really saved us when I had a foal last year that could not latch on. Easy to use, mares dont mind it at all. Have one on hand. It’s worth it even if you just use it once.”

“Good to know that everyone is giving it a great review! I think I might purchase one. I like to keep colostrum on hand for our farm or others if needed, and milking by hand gets awfully tiring! Where is the best place to purchase one from? (I am in Canada).”

“LOVE IT! It makes life so much easier if you’ve got one you have to milk regularly.”

“Ours is still going strong in its third year.”

“Udderly worth having. Easy to use and works great. Have extra colostrum in the freezer too.”

“Worth Every Penny! Even if you buy a new one every foaling season, its a huge improvement over the upturned syringe or hand milking – much easier on the back and hands. A side bonus is that less experienced folks can use it easily – it takes some time to learn *how to milk* a mare.”

“Thanks all! Ordered one yesterday. Hope to bank a little more colostrum this year.”

More chatter from happy customers!

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