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Did you know that EZ Animal has more than just Milkers!!??

Did you know that EZ Animal has a Butter Churn & Hand Crank Cream Separator Products?

The Udderly EZ Butter Churn
Homeowner’s 2-Gallon Butter Churn!

Food Grade plastic bucket with snap-on lid. Stainless steel paddle. Powered by your drill. 2 gallon capacity. Can be disassembled completely for washing.

Very easy to use. Comes with complete instructions for making your own butter.

Price: $59.85

The Udderly EZ Hand Crank Cream Separator!

This simple, efficient and well-balanced Manual Cream Separator will hold 8 liters (8 quarts) which makes it ideal for domestic or small farm use. The milk tank, separation bowl and disks are made out of stainless steel. The milk and cream spouts are made out of a food-grade poly. The Separator will process 60 liters (15 gallons) per hour at a bowl speed of 8400 rpm which is achieved at the optimal hand-crank speed of 55 turns per minute. The unit is 13″ by 11″ by 19″ high. It is packed complete with parts list and spare O-rings, float and neck springs.  Wt. 26 lbs.

NOTE: The butterfat percentage of milk can affect how cream separators work, test batches may be necessary to find the correct settings and techniques.

Price: $695.00

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    This is something unique and interesting. The name udderly is cool too!

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