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Udderly Satisfied


By March 17, 2018April 30th, 2022No Comments

When EZ Products customers are happy, they are really, really happy. Consider this recent email:

A few years ago my husband and I decided we should start raising miniature Jersey cows. We found our first calf and then a bull we liked. Before long we had a beautiful calf and it was time to start milking.

Unfortunately our cow did not have the same agenda. I tried day after day to get a cup or two of milk and all I got for my efforts was a good swift kick. My hands could only take so much of that and I just had to give up. Eighteen months later and we are back to that same place. I started out hopeful and got in there and tried again. I ended up tying the cow front and back to get a couple of cups. I finally had a wee bit of milk and found out it was kinda dirty.

So I got on the internet and started to see a cool gadget called the Udderly EZ. I was intrigued. I watched several YouTube videos and looked up the website. Pretty soon I had my husband checking it out too.

Then a wonderful thing happened. We saw the “Ultimate EZ.” Once we saw the price we were ready to give it a try. It was simple, fast, safe, and best of all CLEAN MILK.

I put in an order for the milker and some other supplies I thought I might need. I was so happy … but then something else amazing happened. My cell phone rang. I was not going to answer. It was almost 11 pm and I don’t know anyone from Kentucky. For some reason I answered my phone. To my amazement it was Buck Wheeler. WHAT? Yes, only 30 minutes after placing my order, Mr. Buck Wheeler was calling to let me know I had probably ordered too many things because I was getting duplicates of items included with my milking machine. WHAT? Yes. I was astounded. We had a nice chat and he told me I would get some of my money back and he would have the warehouse adjust my order. I felt like this is a person I can trust. I am very impressed.

Within a few days I received the equipment and supplies and a receipt for the refunded amount. I washed everything up. Watched the video, assembled a few things and headed to the barn. Once I got Miss Mini Sue situated I gave it a try. It was so easy. And in three minutes I had three bottles of milk. WHAT? Yes. At two weeks of using this system I don’t even have to put a rope on the cow to do the milking. She just eats her hay and lets me do the milking. WHAT? Yes. It is wonderful. Today I got six bottles of clean delicious milk in a few minutes. I am very impressed.

Thank you for making this new experience turn into a fun and rewarding one. – Racquel A.

Thank you, Racquel! Happy customers are the best kind!