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Electric Milker – Battery Operated Or 110V Powered Mini Milker Great For Small-Time Dairying/Homesteading

By February 10, 2023February 27th, 2023One Comment

Buck Wheeler has upgraded his Udderly Ez Hand and Ultimate Ez Milkers again by creating an electric milker. His new patented Ultimate Ez Milker uses an electric pump to milk one to four teats at a time and works on cows, goats, sheep, camels, and horses.

The new milker is powered by an aspirator vacuum pump with a regulator and gauge with arrows on the dial to preset proper vacuum for the animals it’s being used on (see instruction and video). The pulsation is produced by the animals heart beating.

After starting out with our Udderly Ez Hand Milker in 2004, we moved to our two bottle, followed by the 4-bottle milker. We then added the 2.6-gal. SS Bucket and now the 5-gal. SS Bucket,” says Wheeler. “Most cows are milked between 7 and 8 mins. You can now milk two cows at once using one motor and two buckets. We even have a new special air vacuum unit that can be operated off a pipeline. You can read the complete story and Q&A on our website (”

Electric milker prices start at $599. They can now milk one or four teats at once, one cow, or two goats or sheep at the same time. “We now have three sizes of color-coded silicone inflations with clear inflation shells so you can see the milk being drawn,” says Wheeler. Bucket milkers come with four small and four medium inflations; if large are needed you may order them at time of purchase.

I have been using the Ultimate EZ Electric Milker with the bottles milking from 45 down to 20 does daily without experiencing any problems or negative effects for 7 years. We recently added the Stainless Steel 2.6 gallon Bucket so we can milk siz at a time. We highly recommend this piece of milking equipment, and best of all it's made in the U.S.A. It's fast, safe, and easy to cleran with outstanding customer services.

Shery GoodmanSunspring Ranch, Provo, UT

Also available as an accessory option is a 300-watt inverter that slides under the pump and is attached to the pump plate.

You’re able to milk anytime, anywhere. People without electricity in their barn can use batteries from their own 20 & 18-volt DeWalt, Milwaukee, or Makita hand tools. It’s totally portable. Customers appreciate that the cost is about a third of the jug milkers, plus it’s quiet, lightweight, and under 12 mins. cleanup time (see cleanup video on website).

The pump comes with a 2 yr. warranty and 6 mos. on the parts, a DVD, and instructions. All parts are made in the U.S.A. Several videos on Wheeler’s website show how to set up, clean, and troubleshoot. Call for free qualifying shipping details.
Dealers in three provinces in Canada, call for more information.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Buck Wheeler, 2524 Pascoli Place, Lexington, Ky. 40509

Call Now! Email Me! Website

Or: John Morrison, Humbolt, Iowa (ph 515-332-1782).

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  • Diana Maness says:

    I have been using the hand milker for years. Awesome product. My herd has grown and I really want an electric milker. I have no electricity at my barn so the battery option would be a life saver. Do you offer any scratch and dent options or ones that have been previously used and returned.?

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