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From Paddy Cake


By September 9, 2015April 30th, 2022No Comments

I know a lot of Humans are bemoaning the summer heat (and, for some reason, using me as their sounding board). ‘It’s too hot, Paddy Cake!’ ‘I’m sweating off my make-up, Paddy Cake!’ ‘It’s a two-bandana day, Paddy Cake!’

As long as the grass holds out, I say bring on the sun.

That’s because I’ve been showing more people than ever how to use the EZ Solar Solution, and I’m happy to keep it fully charged in the late summer sun. So far, the Greenhorns my Human has brought around our barn are super impressed that this milking machine can run off summer rays, and even charge the Human’s iPad. (Normally, I don’t condone multi-tasking during milking, but he uses the iPad to take photos and videos of me, and when he’s not looking, I use it to check my email and try, once again, to convince Amazon to drop off a truckload of alfalfa to my stall.)

One thing I really insist on is that all Milking Greenhorns learn to properly set the pressure on the pump. Even though I’m a petite girl, the EZ’s extractor tubes remain super comfy on my teats because there’s an easy-to-read gauge on the pump to ensure no one accidentally applies more pressure than necessary. Once the Greenhorns read the directions and watch the DVD that comes in each Ultimate EZ‘s packaging, I’m happy to give them a shot at the real thing.

Keep trying, Human. You’ll get there one day.

…of course, some of them have better form than others. You’re sitting on a milking stool, biped–keep that back straight!