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After many years of coming up on the short end of the stick handling horses, entrepreneur, trainer, horseman, inventor, Buck Wheeler decided to do something about it. Together with his wife Karen they invented the two products that are now being used on a multitude of animals and species. EZ Animal Products is a family owned business and together with their son John, receives the orders, manufacture and pack all the products in-house and they are shipped out daily on a worldwide basis.

In May of 1996 five days after applying for the patent on his first invention The Stableizer® it was used on that years Kentucky Derby winner Grind Stone.

Three weeks later lightning would strike again and Editors Note won the Belmont Stakes.

In 2006 Street Sense was named the two-year-old Champion, and Eclipse Award winner and in 2007 He won the Kentucky Derby and other major Stake Races. The Stableizer® was used on him in various applications of his training.

Wheeler was born and raised on a large cattle and horse ranch in Solen, North Dakota; on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation (he is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) He learned his horsemanship from his father and other Native Americans of the day. He has instructed all 9 units of the US Army and Cavalry, one of the trainers to the Queen, and given many clinics in Europe and at the major Equine and Amish events throughout the USA.

The Wheelers now live in Lexington, KY. Following many years of foaling out Thoroughbred foals they knew they had to change the way they were collecting the colostrum from their TB mares. “ It was not very easy or reliable and most of all it could get very dangerous real fast”, says Wheeler.

As with The Stableizer® they worked on their next idea / Invention the Udderly EZ Milker in the research and development phase of it for over five years. “ I knew that there just had to be a better and safer way to collect the colostrum from these thoroughbred mares than the way we were doing it, just like everyone else using the 60cc syringe and by hand and women’s breast pumps DID NOT WORK!

This idea had a natural progression over into the Sheep, Goat, Cow, and Camel world. By adding 3 sizes of color coded silicone inserts into the Extractor tubes and making individual kits with their own bottles that worked best for each species We have developed quart, pint and the 8 ounce colostrum collection bottles. This gave the pump a much greater possibility for the use on many more species & a special nipple that fits into all bottles.

The product has been on the world market place going on 13 years in the fall of 2017 and has far surpassed their wildest dreams. “Word of mouth and the Internet has pushed this product to the outer limits worldwide, and without that no matter how much a person advertises or promotes, if it doesn’t work it won’t sell!” says Wheeler. Many of the leading Veterinary Teaching Schools are using their products and have implemented them into their teaching curricular and every day use and it has been endorsed by some of the leading professionals worldwide.

After a 4 years of Research and Development into our next invention, the Ultimate Ez Electric Milker, we simply moved all the parts and expertise over into an electric vacuum pump that has a regulator and works on all the same animals that the Udderly Ez did with one exception, it ships with the ability to milk two teats at once, and has the ability to milk 4 teats (Ultimate Ez 4 Accessory) or two animals at once and at the same speed of the inline or Jug milkers.

With over 55 years in the breeding and Training business, I figured out a way to lead and handle foals in a very safe manner for day of birth onward. Our Buck A Long has been a must have for leading Studs, and small breeders worldwide.

“Our inventions are always in a state of upgrade, as we do listen to the clients that may call in or e-mail us as to some suggestions to add to the existing products. We are working on another surprise that will come out for the next foaling, lambing, calving, and kidding season in 2018. Karen and I want to thank all of you who have sent in great pictures, endorsements and good wishes, we are committed to serving our agriculture industry.”

Buck and Karen Wheeler

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