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From Paddy Cake


By June 29, 2015April 30th, 2022No Comments

As a Professional Four-Legged Milking Instructor, I’ve got a lot in my feed tub this summer–daily training of the Human on the proper way to milk plus a ton of local and regional expos where I get to teach strangers about backyard milking. I love my job but I sure do need my Blackberry to keep myself organized.

That’s why, when the Human came into the barn this weekend and announced that he had thought of away to help me get ready for the Kentucky Farm Fest Show in two weeks, I was delighted. Perhaps he could confirm the request I’d made for alfalfa instead of grass hay, I thought, or maybe he was planning on revamping his Ultimate EZ display with a few blown-up pictures of me.

No such luck.

He presented me with the least dignified halter I’ve ever seen in my life. It is pink to start with. I’m a national businesscow–pink is so not my thing. Then he removed my trusty old plain halter and announced that I would be using this thing from now on. To his credit, he did have the cheekpiece custom engraved with my name.

I was tempted to discreetly wander back to the hay rack before he could put the thing on, but when someone is just so proud to give you a present, I’ve learned it’s best to take one for the team and act as delighted as you can muster.

You can see me and (I guess) my new halter at the Kentucky Farm Fest Show July 11 – 12 in Crestwood, Kentucky. Buck and I will be on hand to show you how to use the Ultimate EZ milker, and there will be many other demonstrators plus kids’ activities, workshops, classes, and more. Check out their Facebook page for details.

Paddy Cake is the newest member of the Ultimate EZ team. Standing just about three feet at the shoulder, the 3-year-old helps us with demonstrations of our wonderful automatic milking machine at fairs and expos in the central Kentucky region. When she’s not teaching the public about the joys of milking at home, she’s trying to train our inventor, Buck Wheeler, to do a better job of it. Look for more of her exploits and commentary here at our blog!