Fight Bac Teat Disinfectant


Fight Bac

Teat Disinfectant for the control of Mastitis



  • The spray pattern clears residual milk from the teat orifice and provides effective coverage.
  • Contains active ingredients Chlorhexidine and Glycerine to protect against infection and maintain excellent skin condition.
  • Chills the teat, enhancing closure of the teat orifice.
  • Proven safe and effective under National Mastitis Council guidelines.
  • Results published in a peer-reviewed journal, Veterinary Medicine, July 1987, pp. 752-755.
  • Peak benefits result after four weeks of use on every cow, every milking.


An absolute must to be used with our Udderly EZ and Ultimate EZ Milkers, Fight Bac Teat Disinfectant helps to prevent infection and mastitis in milking animals!

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions14 × 3 × 3 in