Glass Pint Bottles (2 Pack)


Nice heavy glass bottles that are dishwasher safe for easy sanitation. Will fit all Udderly Ez Models. Please read our disclaimer below before ordering. Not to be used with the Ultimate Ez Milker Kit…*

Disclaimer: Due to the overwhelming request for Glass Bottles for the UEZ Milker, We have finally secured a vendor to supply us with the bottles, Quart and Pint, plus the special O-Rings that need to go with the glass bottles, The O-Rings on the plastic bottles will not work 0n the glass bottles. Because the weight of the glass bottles exceeds the weight recommendations for the UEZ Clips that hold the bottles on the pump, Ez Animal Products is not responsible for replacing broken bottle clips when using glass bottles with the UEZ Milker. Please support the glass bottles with one hand while operating the UEZ pump with the other. Do not carry, pour or lift the full quart jar without supporting it with the other hand. Do not tighten down the glass jars too tight to the extractor tube, as this may cause a vacuum leak , damage to the extraction tube and pinch the O-Ring. A good snug fit is sufficient.

Additional information

Weight2.25 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 6 in