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The Stableizer® Accessories

If you are looking for a better way to start teaching your new foal to start leading, you may want to try out our BUCK-A-LONG it is adjustable for foal size and very helpful. You may also want to try using the CHEFFNEY BIT, (I have used it in all my clinics world wide in conjunction with The Stableizer® in the round pen, it stops the horse from getting a sore mouth from the driving process, (it does not slide back and forth) in the mouth, as well as our DRIVING ROPES, specially designed with leather poppers on the ends and a sliding adjustable ring to double as a butt rope for loading. We use the new MANE TRIMMING/THINNING COMB on all our sales prep horses with excellent results. For those of you who break and train your own horses the NO-BUCK is a must for the first saddling and round pen experience, it will not allow them to get their head down. Our EQUINE COLOSTRUM REFRACTOMETER is a must at foaling time to check the quality of colostrums. As well as the handy STABLE BAG to store your Udderly EZ, The Stableizer and all other equipment. The Amish community had me design the STABLEIZER CONTROL LINE to attach to The Stableizer and go back into the buggy, to help control run-off’s and tough, flighty horses hooked to the buggy’s.


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Equine Colostrum Refractometer

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Ez Animal Products Canvas Barn Tote

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Mane Thining/Trimming Comb

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The Stableizer Control Line

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