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Udderly Satisfied


By January 15, 2018April 30th, 2022No Comments

Jennifer with the blog Homesteading on Grace swears by the EZ Milker to get her through milking her goats.

“I rub a little bit of olive oil on her teats, then I can hook her up to the EZ milker,” says Jennifer, referring to her goat Sissy. “I love this thing. Without it, I would not be able to drink raw milk. One day, my son decided he wanted to hand-milk the goats. Y’all, it was so gross! We could see all the stuff floating in the milk; hair, dirt, flecks of stuff. I poured it all out to the chickens (who don’t care about gross things). Granted, with practice we may be able to hand milk cleanly, but for now, we cannot. With the milker, I don’t have to strain the milk through cheesecloth. The milk never comes close to any gross particles. It goes straight into the milk bottle, and when that’s full I pour it into the half-gallon mason jars. From there, I put it in the freezer we have out there while I finish the rest of the chores. I am so glad and relieved not to have to worry about those floaters.”

Just another side benefit of warm farm-fresh milk using the EZ Milker.