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Read about us in Plain Communities!

EZ Animal Products are uniquely suited to the Plain communities — the Amish, the Mennonites, and anyone who lives off-grid or in a remote location.

So, appropriately, the publication Plain Communities — one of the two largest Amish papers — eagerly printed the story of Buck Wheeler (owner of EZ Animal Products) written by Leroy Martin.

Look for Buck’s story in the September issue. What a wonderful introduction to the man behind the company!

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Unexpected compliment

On the Rural Revolution blog, the author posted a product review for the EZ Milker almost five years ago. Unexpectedly in the last couple days, a comment came in from that post as follows:

I have used nothing except the Udderly EZ Milker on my Dexters for 3 years. I would never use anything else. It’s the absolute best. I have a calf due any day and can’t wait to milk momma — she’s enormous.

This comment was forwarded to Buck Wheeler, the owner of EZ Animal Products, who responded as follows:

“Thank you for the kind words. I just finished doing a clinic for the Amish in Ohio and Indiana this past week.

We just introduced our new Ultimate Bucket Milker and it was a hit! We also used the EZ Power Pak with a 20 volt DeWalt Battery to power it with. It milks all four teats at once, and holds 3.2 gallons. The Dexter cow had small teats and the owner that supplied the cow for the demo purchased one on the spot after seeing her milked twice with it.

People are satisfied all the way around with EZ Animal Products.

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The new Ultimate EZ Bucket Milker

For folks needing a larger capacity milker for their animals, EZ Animal Products now has the Ultimate EZ Bucket Milker which holds 3.2 gallons (12 liters) of milk and will milk all four teats on a cow (or two separate goats or sheep at once).

The Bucket Milker is powered by the EZ Power Pak, utilizing 18- or 20-volt cordless drill batteries.

To see the Ultimate Bucket goat milker in use, watch the video below:

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10 new Ultimate EZ Buckets for the Ultimate EZ Milker

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Getting the job done

Yet more wonderful products are available from EZ Animal Products to make your milking easier!

The Ultimate Bucket Milker is a 3.2 gallon (12 liter) milking container that weighs only 1.5 pounds. Along with the EZ Power Pak, it will milk two animals at once, or all four teats on a cow in one convenient container.

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to use the Ultimate EZ with Power Pak and Bucket:

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Exciting developments in the works!

The hard-working creative minds behind the EZ Animal Products line of products is excited about their latest development: a battery pack for the Ultimate EZ! Called the EZ Power Pak, it clips right to the base of the milker.

Just think of it: the convenience of an electric milker available wherever you need it – off-grid, at the county fair, during a power outage, even out in a pasture. No more running awkward extension cords to the nearest outlet. Instead, the quiet and efficient Ultimate EZ will milk your animals with its own self-contained power source.

Nearly everyone has a battery-powered cordless drill made by DeWalt, Makita, or Milwaukee. These 18- or 20-volt batteries are proving to be multi-functional – not just in powering the drills, but now powering an easy milking option.

The EZ Power Pak is easily installed on your existing Ultimate EZ milker, or can be shipped pre-installed.

Check it out today!

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More good news for off-grid folks

It’s a situation a lot of on-grid people don’t like to think about, and it’s something off-grid folks have to think about all the time: How do you milk your animals without power?

Oh sure, some fortunate folks just milk by hand. But if health doesn’t permit, or there are too many animals to hand-milk, then the battery-powered Ultimate EZ Milker is well worth considering.

These machines are equipped with mini Power-Pak inverters so clients can milk any animal, anywhere, with the same speed and flexibility as if they were plugged into 110v or 220v outlets in the barn.

These Power Paks mean there’s always a backup if the power grid goes down. The Power Pak is capable of using the 20-volt DeWalt and the 18-volt Makita and Milwaukee batteries. Most farms already have these brands on hand, so the batteries are readily available.

It’s always wise to be prepared for when the power goes out. No one wants animals to suffer because they can’t be milked. Consider an EZ Power Pak to supplement your Ultimate EZ Milker.

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Introducing the EZ Power Pak

The New Products Division of EZ Animal Products is proud to announce its latest development: The Ultimate EZ Power Pak Machine.

Yes, the Ultimate EZ has been upgraded yet again. EZ Products is always improving. This time it examines how to bring power to the machine when the machine is away from a source of power.

The answer is the EZ Power Pak, specially designed to operate the Ultimate EZ Milker. The Power Pak is capable of using the 20-volt DeWalt and the 18-volt Makita and Milwaukee batteries. We recommend using at least a 6-amp battery for longer sustained milkings.

EZ Products is also manufacturing this improvement in 220 volts to help overseas customers.

The EZ Power Pak is equipped with a USB port capable of charging an iPad or cell phone. As with all EZ Animal Products, the Power Pak is proudly made in the USA, and is manufactured exclusively for EZ Animal Products by Fisher Manufacturing.

A special discount will be given if the entire kit is ordered:

  • Ultimate EZ Milker
  • Power Pak
  • 6-volt battery
  • Battery charger

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Products for Plain People

Some of the most enthusiastic supporters of EZ Milking products are the Plain People – the Amish and Mennonites who live closer to the land and prefer to reduce or shun most modern conveniences, including the Internet.

So when reaching out to show the EZ Product line geared for a simpler lifestyle, print media are the best way. EZ has a large advertisement coming out in the June issue of Plain Communities Business Exchange, a paper mailed monthly that connects plain communities across the United Sates.

This publication has over 18,000 subscribers in 40 states and connects Plain People with merchandise they might need. And as so many Amish and Mennonite customers agree, EZ Milking products are up there with the best!

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‘Pint-size power punching machine’

“Owning dairy animals requires extreme loyalty to the animals. Early mornings and late nights are just the beginning of what dairy families endure. So, when a product is found that can make life a little simpler, why not give it try?”

So begins a recent blog post on Mother Earth News’ website by a homesteader named Carrie Miller.

It seems Ms. Miller was stymied by the lack of affordable products for small livestock holders, particularly milking machines. The search for a suitable milker was based in part on her husband’s Muscular Dystrophy. “I needed something easy for my husband to use but also simple for me to clean and maintain,” she noted.

So when she discovered the Ultimate EZ. “Farmers and homesteaders can’t necessarily afford the opportunity to try out a lot of new products,” she wrote. “What if you spend a ton of money to only find yourself disappointed with the purchase? For many, this fear alone keeps them from trying new equipment and/or products.”

After buying the machine, she was thrilled with the results. “The Ultimate EZ Milker, wow where to even start. I have only recently purchased this product but have fallen madly in love with it. … This little pint-size power punching machine is not your typical milking machine.”

From the first, Ms. Miller enjoyed the Ultimate EZ. “This machine is not a stereotypical pulsating machine, it works off a completely different technology. Even our first freshener [goat] took right to it with no issue. … Have we had any problems due to the lack of pulsation? Absolutely not! It is extremely gentle on the girls, causing no pain or irritation.”

Ms. Miller liked the customer service she received from Buck Wheeler. “For me, I like to go directly to the horse’s mouth. I always contact the higher ups of a company and ask the hundred and one questions I have. If they don’t respond or seem less than willing to provide the information I seek, I simply move on to another product. At the end of the day customer service is number one to me, like most buyers. I want to know if there’s a problem down the road, that the company will work with me to find a solution. If the company is unwilling to talk to you when you’re thinking about purchasing their product, what’s the chance they will when there’s a problem.”

The review concludes with this happy note: “These are the opinions of Miller Micro Farm, not the opinions of Mother Earth News. Miller Micro Farm is endorsing this product because we love it. We have not been paid by the company to do so.”

Good to know!

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